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    How will it be different?

    “The Erasmus experience is not just about the work – it’s also about getting to know a country, its culture, its people.”-Patricia Jenkins – PhD, School of Media and Performing Arts, 2014/15 Erasmus doctoral placement, Instituto Polytécnico de Leiria (IPL), Portugal


    While you will be studying your course in a new context with different professors and classmates, you will still be making progress in your field and gaining more knowledge of familiar topics. As you will be gaining credits that will count toward your Middlesex degree, you can know that you will not fall behind in your studies. Moreover, you will have access to specialised topics and modules that your classmates back at Middlesex will not have studied. Studying on exchange renders your degree course and academic path forever unique!


    Going on exchange means you willingly open yourself up to a new culture and people, with different viewpoints and traditions. This experience may also give you the opportunity to enhance your language skills if you study in a new language that is not your mother tongue. Living in a new culture for an extended period of time has unlimited richness, as it rewards you while it also challenges you to think in new ways and be open-minded.


    Most students will immediately think that going on exchange abroad will mean that it necessarily will cost you a small fortune. However, in addition to numerous funding opportunities for your exchange, British and EU nationals benefit from reduced tuition fees to Middlesex if they go on exchange for the entire academic year - yes, it can be cheaper! Paying £1,385 for your academic year as opposed to £9,250 means less student loans to take out and less money to pay back in the future.


    You will make friends for life, guaranteed. As one of our outbound students on a study placement said, it's "not one year in your life - it is your life within one year." The intensity of the experience connects you deeply to those who share it with you and who witness you transforming; friendships are forged quickly and deeply.

    Creating your future

    How will your exchange period be different? YOU will be different, as you will be taking an active role in shaping your own future and kickstarting your career......

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