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    Where can I go?

    Explore where you can go on study placement exchange

    As presented in the exchange options, you will have seen that you can go on exchange for a study placement in:

    - a European partner institution through Erasmus+ (Programme Countries, i.e. EU, EEA, Turkey, Macedonia)
    - a partner institution in Switzerland (unfunded by Erasmus+ but other grant opportunities exist)
    - an international non-European partner institution through Erasmus+ ICM (Partner Countries outside the EU)
    - an international non-European partner institution through a separate bilateral agreement (unfunded)

    While the guide below lists all of the partners in countries around the world, these agreements are sometimes specific for certain faculties, disciplines and subject areas, as well as for certain levels of study.

    Therefore, the destination you choose for your exchange will depend on your degree course. You will need to see if your subject is offered at the partners that interest you, and you may always check with the Erasmus & Exchange Team to see if additional subject areas are available.

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