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Who are the SLAs?

Student Learning Assistants (SLAs)

Student Learning Assistants are experienced students who have been identified by their academic tutors as being highly motivated and capable learners who "have been there before" and know the typical academic issues new students face in their studies. They work in lectures, seminars, workshops and small group sessions to assist students in their learning.

SLAs do not teach students but are fully trained to work with students using effective questioning and active listening methods. They work collaboratively with academic staff, supporting students in small groups and one-to-one, in the classroom and in pre-arranged locations in the university. They facilitate learning by:

  • Working with students on set tasks in small groups
  • Interpreting assignment topics
  • Preparing students for seminar tasks
  • Planning essays/reports with students
  • Offering advice on study skills and time management techniques
  • Providing useful study and revision techniques
  • Encouraging peers to overcome learning challenges
  • Leading and participating in discussions
  • Facilitating application of course content
  • Facilitating break-out groups in and out of class environment
  • Demonstration techniques in Labs
  • 1-2-1 catch up sessions

Student Learning Assistants are there to complement what has been taught in lectures and do not take the place of the lecturer or tutor. They are there to help you have a better understanding of the course and empower you to find your own learning styles so that you can take of ownership of your learning.

Ask an SLA - email your questions to: ask-an-sla@mdx.ac.uk

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