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Information for Students

The SLA scheme is a student to student approach to:

  • Improving academic skills and practice.
  • Increasing new students’ engagement with their programme.
  • Enhancing students’ experience of University life.
  • Helping students develop the skills they need to become effective independent learners.
  • Improving grades and reducing student drop-out.

Benefits to students:

  • Improves students’ study skills and enables them to become independent learners.
  • Students adjust quickly to the demands of university and improve their confidence.
  • SLAs motivate students and guide them through the learning process.
  • Students feel comfortable asking questions about their programmes and modules.
  • Provides opportunity for feedback to academics.

The main intentions are to help you:

  • Adapt quickly to university life
  • Find out what to expect from your programme of study and what academics expect from their students
  • Practise academic skills and consolidate knowledge gained in lectures and other taught sessions, helping students develop as independent learners and maximise their academic potential
  • Work collaboratively to enhance your understanding of the subject you are studying
  • Be better prepared for seminars, assignments and exams
  • Provide reassurance about study concerns
  • Develop greater confidence.

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What students said about their experience?

What Students say about SLAs

For further enquiries, contact the SLA Team - ask-an-sla@mdx.ac.uk

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