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Support for Maths, Stats and Numeracy

We aim to support you with the maths, stats and numeracy that you encounter in your course.

You may also find our self-study resources useful.

Maths Help Centre

We work with the Mathematics department to provide drop-in support for Maths, Stats & Numeracy during term time. There is no need to book.

Maths Help Centre Term 2: 2022-23

The Maths Help Centre will not be open on 1st February

We will be open on Wednesday 18th January 12pm - 2pm at StudyHelp and then from 23rd January to 31st March as follows

Monday1pm – 2pm online
Tuesday1pm – 2pm at StudyHelp
Wednesday12pm – 2pm at StudyHelp
Thursday1pm – 2pm at StudyHelp
Friday1pm – 2pm at StudyHelp

StudyHelp is on the first floor of Sheppard Library and the online link is  https://mdx-ac-uk.zoom.us/j/91801962594?pwd=RHhFYjVZL2NCejI5Uk11Q245YmVKZz09

Meeting ID: 918 0196 2594
Passcode: MHC


These are 30-minute 1-1 appointments. Please use the calendars below to book either an online or campus one.

If you cannot see a time that fits your schedule, or would like to arrange a group tutorial, please email us at Numeracy@mdx.ac.uk. Please tell us what you would like help with and when you are free.

  • Numeracy – Nursing Midwifery and Education Tutorials


    On Campus

  • Maths and Statistics Tutorials - Available to all schools


    On Campus


We offer online workshops on a range of topics - for instance:

  • Getting started with SPSS
  • Statistical Tests & p values
  • Graphs & Charts
  • Exponentials and Logs
  • Using Excel
  • Percentages

If you would like to request a workshop, please email us at Numeracy@mdx.ac.uk explaining what topic you would like to cover, how many students would like to attend and some dates/times when you will be free.

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