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    Digital literacies

    Developing effective digital literacies while at university is important both to get the most from your studies and build skills which will be essential both during your time at Middlesex and in the world of work.

    This section will help you learn how to choose trustworthy and appropriate resources to inform your work, put it together effectively within an understanding of intellectual property and citation, develop and present it to the best possible standard, and submit it in appropriate academic forms.

    Finding resources:

    Resources in this section will guide you to appropriate resources to inform your studies and support you in responding to your assessment tasks.

    Understanding how to use resources:

    Resources in this section will help you understand aspects of intellectual copyright and the importance of correct referencing.

    Producing and improving your work

    This section holds a series of IT training resources that will help you produce and present your work to its best effect.

    In this section

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