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    Resources for Employers' Numeracy Tests

    General Advice:

    Many employers now use numeracy tests as part of their application process, even when the job itself may not require you to work with numbers.

    You should ensure that your numeracy skills are up to speed before you start applying for jobs as you may not get much notice that you need to do a test.

    Some tests allow you to use a calculator and some do not. Often there is no ‘pass mark’ but your score will be compared with that of other applicants.

    If you are asked to do a numeracy test try to find out as much about it as you can from the employer beforehand. You can also contact us or speak to MDXWorks for advice.

    Most numeracy tests will ask you to interpret data from tables or graphs and calculate percentages. They might also include questions on fractions, ratios, averages or currency conversions.

    This presentation from Mathcentre includes general information about employers’ tests and some sample questions with answers.

    Practice Quizzes:

    The  two online quizzes below are designed for you to check up on your current skill level. Unlike an actual test, there is no time limit, you can attempt the questions as many times as you wish and can check your answers as you go along. You can of course decide to set a time limit for yourself. They also contain links to further sources of help and advice.

    • Quiz 1 - Numeracy Questions without a Calculator
    • Quiz 2 - Numerical Reasoning with a Calculator
    • These paper  tests  from the Sigma network are based on those used by employers. The answer documents contain detailed advice on how to answer each question.

    LET Maths, Stats & Numeracy Support:

    If you would like to practise answering questions under test conditions please contact us at You can also see us in person – see the details below.


    These links will take you to some materials to help you revise different topics.

    Please see our Percentages page for more resources.

    Practice Tests:

    Several web sites offer free practice tests. (Most will also give you the option of paying for more tests.) We recommend that you work through one or two of these to see what is involved and then revise any topics you are unsure about. You might then like to try some more under test conditions.

    • This MDXWorks page contains some free online tests. You will be able to see worked answers once you have finished.
    • Job-Test Prep offer some free tests (The most appropriate is likely to be the graduate test.) You can check your answers afterwards.
    • Assessment day offer some free tests (with answers) which you can try online or print off. The site also has some information on the kinds of tests that employers use.
    • This page from the University of Kent contains some practice numeracy tests.
    • If you have not done any maths for a while you might like to sign up for the National Numeracy Challenge
    • Click here to download a practice test that you can print off.
    • This site from Practice Reasoning Tests contains some general advice and a free practice test.


    • Tolley, H. (2010) How to Pass Numeracy Tests, Kogan Page
    • Carter, P. (2011) IQ and Aptitude Tests, Kogan Page

    We will also be happy to help you in person. To see us, please book a one-to-one appointment.

    If you need further help or information please contact the Maths, Stats and Numeracy Support team on:

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