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    Resources for Nursing

    Many nursing students panic or worry about their drug calculation exams and they leave it too late to do anything about it. We provide a year round support and exam practice sessions whenever they are needed.  It doesn’t matter how small or trivial the problem, come and see us and we can help get you through that exam.

    The help we provide is in several forms which you can pick and choose to meet your requirements, but if in doubt contact us at

    Interactive Revision and Practice Exams:

    We have two new features to help you this year.  Each of these is based on Excel so can be run on any computer supporting this programme.

    When you open these resources you must save a copy either in your own user space or on your own computer. The first time you use the resources you must 'Enable content' (Macros) for it to work properly.

    The exam practice papers will allow you to mark your work, see answers to questions, track your progress and see how answers are worked out.

    Please note: This tool does not work on Excel for Mac OS, tablets or phones.

    Paper Practice Exams:

    Each of the following papers has 10 questions and answers given to all 5 papers.  If you cannot see how to get an answer to any of the questions email the question and your answer and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Adult Nursing

    Child Nursing

    Exam practice for Mental Health Nursing:

    These two practice tests contain ten questions each. Answers are on the reverse of each test.



    The following videos are designed to help with you specific calculations.  These are useful as you can watch them wherever you are.

    Other websites:

    The following web sites have been selected to help you with your calculations.


    • Gatford, JD. and Phillips, N. (2008). Nursing Calculations. Churchill Livingstone. (This is a good book to start with. It is easy to read and has lots of exercises to work from.)
    • Wright, K. (2011) Drug Calculations for nurses: context for practice. (This book encourages you to understand the calculations you need to do.)

    We will also be happy to help you in person. To see us, please book a one-to-one appointment.

    If you need further help or information please contact the Maths, Stats and Numeracy Support team on:

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