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    Referencing and avoiding plagiarism

    At university, we all need to read and use other people's thinking and ideas in developing our own thinking and ideas. This means you need to be able to "reference" other people's ideas and thinking properly in your assignments; failure to do this can result in what is called "plagiarism". In simple terms, "plagiarism" is the use of other people's ideas and thinking without giving a "reference" to that person in your writing. "Plagiarism" and "referencing" are therefore essential things to understand at university. If you're anxious and confused about plagiarism and referencing, you're not alone - many people feel this way, especially when they start at university; but don't worry! Help is here!

    Watch our introductory video to find out more, and then follow the links beneath to further videos, fact sheets and activities to help you in this area.


    Remember that we offer LET/LSS/MDXSU "Understanding Plagiarism" seminars throughout the academic year. To find when the next "Understanding Plagiarism" workshop is on, click here. You can also book a one-to-one if you want to discuss your presentation ideas or style with an LET lecturer.


    The following are online activities to help you ensure that you have correct referencing in your work and avoid plagiarism.

    If you need further help or information, please contact the Academic Writing & Language team on:


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