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Groups and workshops

Better together

Find here spaces to discuss experiences, learn skills and understand ourselves better in a safe group setting with fellow students.

  • Workshops

Are you feeling a isolated at University or emotionally drained?

Join us for a free activity programme, you can take part in a wide range of physical activity sessions, some of which are supervised, and are encouraged and supported to create a routine, that will hopefully enable you to build more physical activity into your life.

We believe that by undertaking some regular physical activity at the University, you’ll get to meet some other people and enhance your feelings of mood, positivity and confidence – some known side effects of being regularly active.

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  • Don’t Get Me Started! – The Procrastination Workshop

    Join us for an interactive and experiential one-off workshop aimed at understanding why we procrastinate.

    You’ll learn ways to think differently, strategies that may help you stay on track, and how to set achievable goals to reduce pressure when studying.

    In a safe and honest space, you’ll discover what exactly creates our procrastination habits and how to approach them both with our mind and with concrete actions.

    Register for the procrastination workshop

  • Mindfully Breathing – The Mindfulness Workshop

    Have you ever felt like you just need a moment to breathe but finding the calm and peace to do so seems so unreachable? Then this workshop might be what you're looking for.

    You'll gain an understanding into what mindfulness means, it's benefits and explore the common myths and questions around mindfulness you might have.  

    Taught in a safe space with fellow students, you'll be guided into different ways to integrate mindfulness into your daily life through exercises, activities and reflections.

    Register for the mindfulness workshop

  • The Discomfort Zone - A Performance & Presentation Anxiety Workshop

    Your Middlesex journey will require you to put yourself in uncomfortable and unfamiliar places, including those times you will be asked to perform or present in front of tutors and peers. What do you fear the most? What does ‘failure’ mean to you? What messages might we have received that could make us more or less afraid of the idea of ‘failing’? How do we respond to our critical voice and our self-limiting beliefs so that we develop the knowledge that when we fall down, we get up again and get stronger?

    Register for the Performance and Presentation Anxiety Workshop

  • Surviving Groups - How to thrive when working in groups

    Your experience of life is constantly one of being in groups: from your time at school, your friendship, your University course and more. What worries or concerns might you have about working in a group, either at Middlesex or beyond?  What can go wrong and how can group work be ‘sabotaged’ by its members?  How can you develop the mind-set and skills to ensure you have the best possible experience of working in a group?

    Join us for an interactive one-off workshop; in a safe and honest space with fellow students going through similar or same issues as you.

    Register for the one-off workshop

  • Support groups

MDX Rainbow Group

This is a safe space created for all MDX students who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Non-binary, Queer, Pan, or Asexual and who are interested in connecting with other students.

Facilitated by a member of the CMH team, who identifies as a Queer woman herself, you can explore how to look after your mental health and wellbeing together as you navigate the adventures and challenges of student life.

The hope is that you and your peers will shape the programme by identifying themes and activities for future group meetings.

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Wellbeing events

Several events for you here at Middlesex have a Wellness and Health focus. Discover here the next ones coming up.

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