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Sponsored undergraduate and postgraduate students

Sponsored undergraduate and postgraduate students

If you are a UK/EU Undergraduate or PGCE student you are responsible for ensuring that your application for finance from Student Finance England (SFE) is made before the start of the academic year. You must also ensure that any requests for further documentation and / or information are complied with as soon as possible. Applications can be made on-line at https://www.gov.uk/browse/education/student-finance

If you are not in attendance at relevant confirmation of attendance dates you will not be eligible for government funding and so become personally responsible for any fees due.

If an employer or organisation is paying your tuition fees you will need to provide evidence of this in writing in line with the payment deadlines above. A purchase order or letter on official letter headed paper containing the following information should be submitted to the Student Fees and Finance team via UniHelp: https://unihub.mdx.ac.uk/support/unihelp.

  • A billing address
  • Contact name
  • Contact telephone number
  • Contact email address
  • Sponsored contribution amount
  • Your student id
  • Your name

The University reserves the right to reject sponsorship purchase orders or letters if they are not original documents, do not contain the correct information, or if they are found not to be issued by a recognisable third party organisation. All invoices issued by Middlesex University must be settled in full within 30 days. If invoices are not paid in accordance with these terms the debt will revert to you.

Please note that if your fees are being paid by a relative or friend, this is not considered as a formal sponsorship by the University. In this instance you will be regarded as self-financing.

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