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NHS funding and Nursing Student Travel claims

Nursing Travel Claims

Who can claim

If you are studying on one of the following programmes, you may be eligible to claim reimbursement for travel to practice placements or lectures that are not held at the University i.e. Your base.

Eligible Nursing Programmes:

  • BSc Nursing
  • BSc European Nursing
  • PG Diploma Nursing

Eligible Midwifery Programmes

  • BSc Midwifery (3 year programme)

Continuing Undergraduate and Postgraduate Pre-2017 Students

New 2017 Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students

  • The claim process

    • Do's and Don'ts
      • Do remember to submit your claim form(s) within the timescale
      • Do remember to attach a copy of your student coversheet (which has your unique barcode on) to your claim form before handing it to the University.
      • Do keep copies of your form and any accompanying receipts/evidence before passing your claim to the University.
      • Do remember to sign and date your form and include any relevant receipts for Public transport to support your claim.Do ensure that you have adequate insurance cover if you are travelling to your placement using your own private motor vehicle.
      • Don’t submit a claim form if your total travel costs to your placement are equal to or less than your normal daily travel to the University.
      • Don’t complete a claim form if you are a seconded student as you are not entitled to claim Practice Placement expenses.
      • Don’t complete or submit a claim form if the last day of the placement period you are claiming for was more than the deadline to make a claim. Your form will not be processed under any circumstances.
    • How do you apply for Travel expenses reimbursement?

      In the first instance you will need to register for an online account via the Learning Support Fund application system, which you can access here.

      You can do this at any point during your course, you do not have to be in your first year of study to register, but please be aware that if you did not apply through Learning Support Fund (“LSF”) in a previous academic year, you cannot apply for any backdated payments if you missed the nine-month application deadline for the academic year in question. When you apply for the LSF account, you will be asked to provide some basic details in order to create an account and once this has been done, you will be able to apply for Travel expenses reimbursement.

      Please note that registering for an LSF account is not a guarantee that you will receive reimbursement of travel expenses. You must meet the eligibility criteria outlined here and as contained in the following guide.

      You are strongly advised to refer to this guide when completing your claim to ensure you have provided the correct details.

    • How do you claim reimbursement for Travel expenses?

      Once you have registered for an LSF account, you can log on and select Travel and Dual Accommodation Expenses from the main screen “Apply for” headline. This will allow you to download the claim form which you will need to complete and submit to the University, remembering to include the appropriate receipts.

      Remember to include any travel receipts with your form, as well as a copy of your Learning Support Fund coversheet.

    • What happens once you have completed your claim

      Once you have completed your claim and you would like to submit to the University for checking, please send through using UniHelp.

      Claims will be checked and authorised by the University and the details will be sent through to the NHS Learning Support Fund. They will arrange payment to you via the bank account you nominated when you registered  for a Learning Support Fund account within 25 working days of receiving your form (as stated on their website). In the event that you experience delays please contact here.

      You must submit all Travel claims no later than nine months after you incurred the travel costs. Ideally, you should submit a claim after you have completed each placement.

      The key requirement for claiming travel expenses, under this policy, apart from personal eligibility, is that the cost of your daily return travel to and from your placement site must be in excess of your normal daily return travel costs to the University.

    • Examples of how excess travel costs are calculated

      Example 1:

      Student A’s travel costs are as follows:



      Travel from term time address to University/normal place of study:


      Travel from term time address to practice placement site.


      Student A can claim reimbursement of £3.25 per day (£9.00 less £5.75)  towards their placement travel costs for the duration of this placement because it costs more to travel to placement than it does to get to University.

      Example 2:

      Student B’s travel costs are as follows:



      Travel from term time address to University/normal place of study.


      Travel from term time address to practice placement site


      Student B cannot claim reimbursement towards their placement travel costs for this particular placement. This is because it has not cost them more to travel to their placement then it does to travel to University.

    • Method of Travel

      Students are expected to travel by the cheapest form of transport available where it is reasonably practical to do so.

      Your own vehicle

      If you choose to travel to placement in your own vehicle, rather than public transport, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate insurance cover for all risks associated with its use. Students travelling to and from their placement site in their own vehicle do so at their own risk. The reimbursement of the costs of travel by private motor vehicle does not constitute any acceptance of liability by your University, the NHSBSA or any other NHS body. Further information on rates available can be found in the following guide.

Further Questions

If you require any further information or assistance regarding travel claims please contact the Student Fees and Finance Team;

  • By telephone on 020 8411 6400 (option 2) 9am to 5pm, Mon-Fri
  • At the Finance desks in the Sheppard Library 9:30am to 4:30pm, Mon-Fri

Or you can contact UniHelp

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