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    Health and personal safety

    It's important you take care of your health, wellbeing and personal safety whilst studying. We know uni can be daunting and quite stressful at times – though, don't get us wrong, it can be a lot of fun – but if you take the time to look after your health and keep fit, it'll really play a big role in making you feel happy and confident during your Middlesex days.

    Check out the Sports section to see how you can keep fit – whether you choose to join the gym or get involved in team sport – but read on to find out how to register for services like the doctors or dentist, as well as guides to what you should do if you're perhaps feeling ill, have a low mood, or are worried about various illnesses. Hopefully you'll have no health problems – hangovers don't count! – but it's best to be aware just in case you do. Also, if you're feeling low or unable to cope with university or other pressures, take advantage of our confidential counselling service. The same goes for having an awareness of what you should do if you are a victim of crime or require first aid attention whilst on campus – Safety on Campus has all the information you need.

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