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    Health Matters @MDX

    How are you getting on? Settling into MDX OK?

    Health Matters @ MDX is a clever programme. It sends you advice and support that is most relevant to you when you’re most likely to need it.

    If there is just one thing you do for yourself this week, make sure you sign up to Health Matters @ MDX – our free wellbeing messaging service.

    Sign up here and click GET STARTED (You can unsubscribe at any time)

    Health Matters will send you wellbeing information, advice and links to relevant events happening on and around campus to keep you healthy through your time at Middlesex. Messages are sent one per week and are tailored to your time at university. Topics may include information on settling in in halls, making friends, cheap but healthy recipes, how to register for a GP, where to find information on sexual health and how to deal with homesickness.


    What do students say?

    “Health Matters enabled me to facilitate a workshop to a cohort of Media students to promote mental health and wellbeing, especially how it relates to the black community. Health comprises of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness and should be prioritised  by all because Health really does Matter." - Joden Joseph, BSc Psychology with Counselling Skills.

    Health Matters @ MDX’s supportive tips help you to take easy steps to stay strong and make the most of your time at MDX.

    For more information visit

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