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    MDXCrowdfund is an easy-to-use crowdfunding platform for all Middlesex University students and staff.

    What is crowdfunding?

    A crowdfunded project is one where many people make small donations that add up to a larger amount and enable a crowdfunder to deliver a project close to their heart.

    In return for their support, project donors receive a small gift related to the crowdfunding project. These rewards can be anything from a shout out on Facebook or a mention in film credits, through to items with a monetary value (E.g. T-Shirts or CDs).

    What types of projects can I use MDXCrowdfund to raise money for?

    MDXCrowdfund allows you to raise funds for a wide variety of projects – from business ideas, fashion shows, film and theatre projects, student societies and sports clubs, to research projects, events, personal challenges and much more.

    Why should I use MDXCrowdfund?

    MDXCrowdfund offers a number of distinct advantages over generic crowdfunding platforms:

    1. Dedicated crowdfunding support

      The MDXCrowdfund team offers 1-2-1 advice on everything from putting together your crowdfunding campaign through to how to promote it and to whom. There are also various helpful guides available through MDXCrowdfund itself and we run dedicated workshops throughout the course of the year.

    2. Greater promotion for your campaign

      Middlesex University has an extensive network of contacts and supporters. While it remains up to you to do the promotional legwork for your campaign, the MDXCrowdfund team promotes the platform and featured projects to this network.

    3. Trust

      The fact MDXCrowdfund is run by a respected university like Middlesex University helps to reassure donors that their money will be put to good use!

    4. 100% of what you raise

    Most crowdfunding platforms take a percentage of what is raised as a fee, as do donation processing systems. Middlesex University covers the costs associated with the platform and donation processing so you get 100% of the money you raise.

    Find out more

    To find out more please visit MDXCrowdfund or email the MDXCrowdfund team.

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