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    Casting call

    Lion Television is currently casting for a programme about people who hoard, or have a LOT of clutter, and are desperate to get rid of it.

    The premise of the show is to help people who have acquired lots of clutter over the years by helping them clear out their homes with advice from our experts, while hopefully making some cash in the process.

    Our experts will be experienced in recycling, upcycling, they will also know the best places to sell items and how much money people can get for their stuff. It's a brilliant opportunity for people who just can't get round to having a huge clear out, because we will be happy to do all the leg work for them. The more clutter the better!!

    If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the Casting Researcher at 0141 331 4983 or the Casting Producer at or 0141 331 6430.

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