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    MDXSU Awards Results 2016

    The third annual MDXSU Awards took place on Thursday 12th May, recognising and celebrating incredible Middlesex students who have made a special contribution to the lives of their fellow MDX students

    We received hundreds of nominations from students for the nine awards, with a panel of elected students and MDXSU staff selecting the shortlist and overall winner for each award based on the supporting statements you gave.

    It was amazing to read your nominations and hear how much you appreciate your fellow students for the work they do, whether as a Student Voice Leader, radio host for POW! FM or by leading a society. The quality of nominations was fantastic, and everyone who made the shortlist should feel very proud of themselves.

    Alongside the nine nominated student awards, there were also three internal MDXSU awards for MDXSU interns, staff and student staff.

    All shortlisted staff and students were invited to the formal awards ceremony to hear the results and receive trophies or certificates recording their achievement. Guests were also treated to a delicious celebratory meal and drinks, a Bollywood performance from Meera Tailor and live music from the Jack Daniels, with dancing to finish!

    The all important results for each awards can be found below, and the photos are up now on our Facebook page. The criteria for each award - which was referred to during the nomination and short-listing process - can be found here.

    Society Recognition Scheme

    The Society Recognition Scheme was introduced at the beginning of this year so MDXSU to recognise the incredible work of our student societies and encourage them to deliver fantastic activities and events for their members and the wider student community. There are three awards up for grabs - Bronze, Silver and Gold - with the full criteria for each available online here.

    We are delighted that in the first year of the scheme, ten societies have achieved the Bronze Award:

    • Singers & Musicians Society
    • Science Fiction & Fantasy Society
    • Complementary & Alternative Medicine Society
    • Criminology & Sociology Society
    • Debating Society
    • Journalism Society
    • Christian Union society
    • Grove Magazine society
    • Pakistan Society
    • Visual Arts Society

    Media Awards

    Best Pow! Journalist of the Year

    The shortlist:

    • Iulia Şchiopu,
    • Ludovica Uggeri,
    • Julia Magnus-George

    Winner of Best Pow! Journalist of the Year: Julia Magnus-George

    The judges were really impressed by the creativity of the content the student produced throughout the year, creating a wide variety of content and always being incredibly enthusiastic about POW! Mag and her part in it.​

    Best Pow! Radio Show of the Year

    The shortlist:

    • MDX Spotlight - Glen Burke and Sarah Ruini
    • Gabby Lafor
    • Christofest - Catherine Christofis

    Winner of Best Pow! Radio Show of the Year: Catherine Christofis with Christofest

    The winner consistently produced great shows, not just this year, but over a number of years. The show is creatively informative and she has a natural ability to deliver high quality presenting, which is really commendable.

    Outstanding Contribution to Pow! Media

    The shortlist:

    • Ludovica Uggeri,
    • Dan Brown,
    • Rowena Kinghorn

    Winner of Outstanding Contribution to Pow! Media: Rowena Kinghorn

    Rowena has consistently delivered for POW!, always considering others and bringing new people in. The student has shown great dedication, always being on hand to drive up membership or promote the work of the POW!​

    Society Awards

    Event of the Year

    The shortlist:

    • Afghan Cultural Event - Afghan Society
    • Give It Up - Amnesty International Society
    • Have a Heart, Give a Child a Start - Pakistan Society
    • Science & Technology Careers Expo - Natural Science Academic Society
    • Christmas Debate - Debating Society

    Winner of Event of the Year: Afghan Cultural Event - Afghan Society

    The whole university was talking about how fantastic the Afghan Culture Event was and how much fun everyone who attended had. The event really showcased Afghan culture in a professional and high quality manner.

    Best New Society

    The shortlist:

    • Afghan Society,
    • Gospel Choir Society,
    • Grove Magazine Society,
    • Nursing Academic Society,
    • Science Fiction
    • Fantasy Society

    Winner of Best New Society of the Year: Grove Magazine Society

    Grove Magazine have really hit the ground running, managing to not only put on some great events with lots of students, but also creating an extremely successful online database which has captured the interest of many students and continues to grow. We can’t wait to see how this society develops in the years to come!

    Academic Society of the Year

    The shortlist:

    • Complementary and Alternative Medicine Academic Society (CAMAS),
    • Criminology and Sociology Academic Society,
    • Journalism Society,
    • Nursing Society,
    • Social Work Society

    Winner of Academic Society of the Year: Complementary and Alternative Medicine Academic Society (CAMAS)

    CAMAS have been consistently great from day one. Over the last three years they have put on regular events, hosting workshops, inviting in outside speakers and putting on regular yoga classes for students to attend. They are incredibly self-sufficient and self-reliant, and are a massive credit to the Students' Union and the University.

    Non-Academic Society of the Year

    The shortlist:

    • Afghan Society,
    • Debating Society,
    • Gospel Choir Society,
    • Islamic Society, Singers
    • Musicians Society

    Winner of the Non-Academic Society of the Year: Afghan Society

    Afghan Society have really shone this year, putting on several exceptional events, consistently engaging students in all their activities and spreading awareness of Afghan culture. From the MDXSU perspective they have been a pleasure to work with ,and we can’t wait to see what they’ll do next!

    Student Voice Award

    Student Voice Leader of the Year

    The shortlist:

    • Ethan Thomas – BA Criminology (Policing), 3rd Year
    • Tunch Akmandor – School Voice Leader Science and Technology
    • Rukshana Islam – BSc Nursing (Child), 3rd Year (Yellow Cohort)
    • Jadon Fell – BSc Nursing (Child), 3rd Year (Green Cohort)
    • Katharina Schiller – MSc Media Management

    Winner of Student Voice Leader of the Year: Jadon Fell

    Jadon has worked tirelessly in representing and standing up for the rights of nursing students. He has been passionate in voicing the concerns of nurses at Board of Studies meetings and working hard to get answers and solutions, campaigning on issues faced by overseas nursing students and DBS requirements, lobbying the university to hold graduation ceremonies twice rather than once a year and improving placements for child nursing students.

    MDXSU Internal Awards

    Student Staff Member of the Year

    Team MDXSU work year round for the Students' Union. Some work on our MDXSU Welcome Desk downstairs in MDX House, helping you with merch, NUS Extra cards and general enquiries, while other help us to organise, promote and deliver events and other campaigns.

    The shortlist:

    • Rebecca Sykes,
    • Leah Bennett,
    • Wietske Hooghiemster,
    • Faye Marshall,
    • Adam Johnson,
    • Hannah Lambe

    Winner of Team MDXSU Member of the Year: Wietske Hooghiemster

    Wietske has an incredible energy and is willing to help anyone she comes into contact with and any task asked of her. Her enthusiasm for Middlesex Students' Union is commendable, and she is talented far beyond the confines of their role.

    Student Intern of the Year

    MDXSU launched a pioneering new internship scheme in 2013, giving us the capacity and funds to hire MDX students to work part-time for us while receiving the London Living Wage of £9.40 per hour. Next year we'll have around 30 interns working at MDXSU in a range of areas, from developing course-based opportunities to creating designwork!

    The shortlist:

    • Joran Frydenlund - Design Intern
    • Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed - Student Opportunities Intern for Health & Education
    • Anya Walsh - Student Opportunities Intern for Art & Design
    • Steph Martin - Research Intern

    Winner of Student Intern of the Year: Latifa Pelletier-Ahmed

    Latifa has been exceptional in bringing more course-based opportunities to the School of Health & Education, setting up the first ever student produced school newsletter - 'The Hen' - and organising and delivering the first ever 'Wellness Week', which consisted of several free student-led events promoting mental and physical wellbeing. Latifa has managed this workload efficiently and effectively, and communicated well with the rest of the MDXSU team, and we're sure the impact she has made this year will be felt in years to come.

    MDXSU Staff Member of the Year

    The shortlist:

    • Tyelle Render - Marketing, Income & Printed Media Coordinator
    • Jonty Tindall - Student-Led Events Coordinator
    • Rachael Wall - Societies Coordinator
    • Laura Higgs - Communications Coordinator
    • Yocana Vazdacruz - Office Coordinator

    Winner of MDXSU Staff Member of the Year: Laura Higgs

    MDXSU Student of the Year

    The shortlist:

    • Jack Long,
    • Ludovica Uggeri,
    • Sangita Karki,
    • Morris Messias,
    • Zoe Ranford

    This was an incredibly close category with a hundred nominations, and the judges felt that it was impossible to choose just one winner... and so we have two!

    Our two winners of MDXSU Student of the Year: Ludovica Uggeri and Sangita Karki

    Sangita is a third year MDX student who is also a committed Women's Basketball Captain, a member of the Nepalese Society Executive Committee, President of the Amnesty Society and has campaigned for Keep Wednesday Afternoons Free and Shouting for Housing. One of Sangita's several nominations stated, "[Sangita] is so passionate about equality and hates to see any MDX student not have a voice... [She] has changed the lives and university experience of so many students here at MDX... and has gotten so many people who would never have even considered playing sport involved, empowering everyone on the team regardless of their ability or confidence."

    Ludovica is President of the Journalism Society, a key contributor to the award-winning POW! Magazine, a university ambassador, campaigner and a volunteer for Noah's Ark. Her nominations spoke about how hard-working, organised and passionate Ludovica is, as well having a "great, warm, welcoming personality" and taking the time to help and encourage others. One student said, "[Ludovica] is an awesome person who engages in so many activities and makes a lot of things happen. She helps out others all the time to make their time easier and more fun. The Journalism Society which she leads has held several very successful live talks, which were all super interesting and inspiring!"

    Lifetime Achievement Award

    This award was given to a student who the judges and elected Student Officers felt deserved recognition for the contribution they have made to the Students' Union throughout their time as a student. Jess founded the hugely successful MDXmas Market; represented her fellow fashion students as a Student Voice Leader; led the Women's Assembly and their campaign against sexual harassment; worked on several successful campaigns and events as an MDXSU intern; and stood for the position of MDXSU President in our 2015 Elections. While she may not have won her election and become our first women President for ten years, the long-term impact of her campaign cannot be under-estimated.

    The winner of our Lifetime Achievement Award is Jess Hawke

    Congratulations to all shortlisted students and to our incredible winners, and thank you to everyone who placed a nomination.

    Coming back to MDX next year? Have the MDXSU Awards inspired you to lead a society, become a Student Voice Leader, contribute to POW! Media or organise your own event? We're here to help you do that! Browse our website for further information or send us an email at You can also contact us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

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