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    Secret Art Prize Competition 2016 Now open

    Curious Duke Gallery With over 100,000 votes for our People's Choice Award last year and a demand for extended entry, the 2016 prize is set to be bigger than ever.

    We are interested in a number of students writing for our blog about their final months at uni as they get ready for their degree shows. This could be one student writing a diary for the blog over the next few months, with images and roughly 300 words per entry. This could also be a series of students writing a one off entry. If you are interested in this, they you can email us on with any questions or for more information.

    Starting in 2014, the Secret Art Prize is the worlds first urban and fine art art prize, open to street artists and fine artists alike. The Secret Art Prize searches for all the secret and undiscovered artists out there. We want to reveal the secret and spread the word about you and your art work.

    This year we have on our judging panel: DJ Trevor Nelson, art historian Ana Bambic Kostov, gallerist Anna Smithson, art writer Anna McNay, and artist Mark Powell. Our prize, is bigger than ever with goods and a surprise we are keeping under our hats. The prize this year is very exciting, it is £1000, mentoring from gallery founder Eleni Duke. You can take a look at the art prize here.

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