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    The Burroughs road closure: 27th Feb - 3rd March


    Resurfacing works being carried out by Barnet Council, taking place in The Burroughs/Church Road (from Watford Way to 17 Church Road) 5 nights from Monday 27th February to Friday 3rd March 2017.

    ln order to minimise disruption to businesses and residents, these works will happen at night and are due to begin at 8:00 pm each night and finish by 5:00 am the following morning, with the noisiest work before midnight.

    See map for the extent of work, as indicated in blue.

    The re-surfacing work is weather dependent and it’ll be confirmed by Barnet Council 48 hours prior to works starting. Advanced warning signs will be erected and notices will also be distributed during the days leading up to the works as a reminder.

    Temporary parking suspension and road closure: please refrain from using any parking spaces on this road during the works and arrange alternative parking before they begin. The road will be closed to through traffic during the working hours. However we will provide access to adjoining roads, driveways and off street parking. Residents may have short delays as we accommodate this but we request that you minimise traffic to ensure works are completed quickly.

    Pedestrian and emergency vehicle access will be maintained at all times. Please ask members of staff on site to assist you if you require access.

    The student’s co-operation is deeply appreciated in enabling the works to go ahead. To avoid costly delays to the work programme, a lift and shift vehicle will be used to move any cars that remain parked in the road.

    You can find more information about the planned programme of work on the Barnet Council website. If you have any comments or further questions about the work please contact Barnet Council's Highways Correspondence Team on 020 8359 1555.

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