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    Undergraduate tuition fees for UK Home and EU students in 2017/18

    As your Vice-Chancellor and Students’ Union President, we want to keep you updated with anything that affects your study here at Middlesex

    Earlier this year the government decided that universities should be allowed to raise tuition fees in line with inflation, should they meet the requirements of the new Teaching Excellence Framework which assesses different aspects of teaching and learning and subject to government passing legislation to permit higher fees.

    We know that you come to university to invest in your future. Tuition fees, regulated by the government, contribute to paying for many aspects of your education as well as university services, staff and the facilities here at Middlesex. But we also recognise the high cost of studying at university and even with a student loan it is often hard to afford to live in London. We also know that students currently at Middlesex were not expecting any rise in fees.

    Therefore, whilst the government is allowing universities to increase fees for all students, Middlesex University, having listened to students’ views through the students’ union, has decided that an increase will not apply to current students continuing their studies here in 2017/18.

    Middlesex University is one of only a small number of universities that will keep fees for current home and EU students at the level of £9,000. This decision to maintain fees at their current level was made by working in close collaboration with the students’ union that provided excellent representation on behalf of the student body.

    In line with the Government policy and most other universities, Middlesex University will raise its fees for new UK Home and EU students commencing study on undergraduate courses in the 2017/18 academic year. Fees have not increased for four years and the small increase in line with inflation will enable the University to maintain the spending on our students in real terms. This decision has been made in consultation with the students’ union.

    Future fees
    Fees are regulated by the UK government but may increase for both new and continuing students in future years to ensure the financial sustainability of the University. We are committed to working together as a university and students’ union to review fee levels for all students annually, consulting with all students about how these changes might affect you. The students’ union will continue to champion students’ interests and the university will continue to ensure that it actively engages with students at all levels of the university.  A decision on the fee levels for all students will be considered at an early stage as part of the 2018/19 budget process and the students’ union will play a central role in these discussions.

    Professor Tim Blackman - Vice-Chancellor

    Sulaiman Lkaderi - President MDXSU

    How does this affect nursing and midwifery students?

    Existing students on nursing and midwifery pre-registration courses will continue to receive their funding from NHS bursaries and Health Education England for the duration of their course.

    How does this affect International students?

    For current international students the fee remains unchanged.

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