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    Volunteers required for the Romanian Society

    Middlesex University Romanian Society is looking for two MDX student volunteers to join the the Romanian Society at Middlesex University; the volunteer positions are available for a Finance Officer and a Vice-President.

    The Middlesex University Romanian Society (MURS) aims to promote the culture and traditions of Romania to all students, staff and alumni. A series of events which will start with the launch of the Middlesex University Romanian Society will be announced soon.

    The plans for the next academic year include but are not limited to the following: student events, workshops, informal meetings, celebrations, food festivals and joint events with other Middlesex University societies. Therefore, there is something for everyone and if you want to discover the Romanian hospitality and its unique culture and traditions, come and join our team of volunteers.

    A number of volunteering opportunities are opened to Middlesex University current students:

    Vice President

    • To help the President organise and oversee the overall running of the society
    • To assist the President in their functions wherever the President is unable to fulfil aspects of their role
    • To assist all committee members wherever they need help in their roles, including where they are unable to

    Treasurer (Finance Officer)

    • Responsible for the finances of the society
    • Submit funding applications to the MDXSU Executive Committee as and when applicable
    • To remain informed of the society’s financial situation, including keeping note of the society’s account number
    • To be the society’s chief financial representative on MDXSU paperwork
    • To ensure that all financial dealings of the Society are conducted through MDXSU

    Events Officer

    • To send in a plan of events for each term, to the Student Led Events Coordinator (SLEC) at MDXSU
    • To ensure that all Society events are communicated to the SLEC at MDXSU a month in advance of the event date
    • To be in attendance of all Society events
    • To be the main point of contact between the Society and any organisations who are involved in the event
    • To ensure that all Society events comply with MDXSU’s policies, including our Equal Opportunities policy.
    • To ensure that all events are organised and executed in a financially sustainable and responsible manner (e.g. working with the Finance Officer to pay invoices etc).


    • To maintain and preserve detailed records of Society registered members through the MDXSU website
    • To work with the PR Officer/Marketing Officer/Communications Officer in maintaining the membership list on the MDXSU website.
    • To produce agendas and minutes for meetings, if needed

    How to apply:

    Send your CV and brief covering letter (describing your interest in the role and how your skills can support in performing the above roles) to DP729@live.mdx.ac.uk by 5pm on Wednesday 1st June 2016.

    Ensure you are available for selection and interview in the week beginning 6th June 2016.

    Middlesex University is a diverse institution and applications from across the student body and all nationalities are welcomed. To become a volunteer for the above positions or to join the society please contact Daniela Pantica by email at DP729@live.mdx.ac.uk.

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