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    Yes or No? Have your say on student ideas

    MDX students have submitted their big ideas for Middlesex that they want MDXSU to work on making happen. Now it's time to have your say.

    Over the past few months Middlesex Students’ Union have received lots of ideas from students with suggestions they think would improve their time at MDX.

    As the ideas are non-academic and would affect all students if implemented, MDXSU are holding a referendum - an all-student Yes or No vote that everyone has the chance to have their say on.

    The seven big ideas you'll be voting on address issues such as lad culture on campus, the provision of microwaves for students and MDXSU's stance on the government's PREVENT agenda. Click here to read the ideas in full.

    To have your say on these ideas, simply head to the MDXSU website between Monday 8th and Friday 12th February to vote online in favour or against.

    If an idea receives a majority Yes vote, Middlesex Students' Union will be mandated to make them part of our policy and work on turning the idea into a reality.

    If there are any ideas you feel particularly strongly about, whether you're in favour or against, become a Campaign Leader for it! As well as getting recognition for your passion and helping shape the work of MDXSU, you'll also receive free training and gain valuable experience in campaigning. If you're interested in becoming a Campaign Leader, please email

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