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    Therapies and treatments

    The Fitness Pod Clinic

    The Sport & Recreation Service offer a treatment clinic with sessions delivered by qualified practitioners. A wide range of treatments are available and can address ‘aches and pains’ muscoskeletal problems, injuries etc. Referrals to your G.P. or other specialist can also be provided. Treatment interventions include: Joint mobilisation, postural corrective techniques, kinsio taping, soft tissue manipulation and release, dry needling and massage.


    • General Public: £25
    • Staff: £18
    • Students: £14

    Appointments are 30 minutes long and can be made in person at The Fitness Pod reception or by calling 020 8411 6343. Payment must be made at the time of booking. Card payments accepted. Both LSI and Fitness Pod clinics will run during the academic year from 25 September - 12 December 2017; 8 January - 23 March 2018 and  9 April to 27 July 2018.

    Book a session

    Massage is offered in the treatment room at The Fitness Pod on the following days and times below. For more information or to book a session please contact The Fitness Pod on 020 8411 6343 or email .

    • Monday 12.00 - 6.00pm
    • Tuesday 5.00- 9.00pm
    • Friday 8.00am - 1.00pm

    LSI Sports Injury Clinic

    Have a niggling injury? Book in at the sports injury clinic. For appointments please email Payments can be made by contacting The Fitness Pod on 020 8411 6343.

    The London Sport Institute Clinic offers injury assessment, treatments as well as massage sessions. Initial assessments are carried out by qualified staff and treatment sessions are normally delivered by sports rehabilitation students, under appropriate supervision.


    • General Public: £20 Initial Assessment / £15 Follow up Treatment
    • Staff / Alumni / MDX Student: £15 Initial Assessment / £12 Follow up Treatment
    • MDX Sports Members: £12 Initial Assessment / Follow up Treatment £10

    Initial Assessments are 45 minutes / Follow up Treatments are 30 minutes.

    Book a session

    To book an appointment please call 07917 07866 or email Payments must be made in advance at The Fitness Pod reception in MDX House. Tel 020 8411 6343. (Card payments accepted).

    • Tuesdays 12.00 - 4.00pm CG62
    • Wednesdays 5.00 - 8.00pm CG62 (walk in clinic)
    • Thursdays 9.00am - 5.00pm CG62

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