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    What is the NUS Extra card?

    We're proud to be the first UK university, to offer all new students the NUS Extra Card free of charge.

    As the national student discount card, NUS Extra offers discounts on everything from food to fashion, and from groceries to days out. Highlights include 40% off at Ask, 56% off at Thorpe Park, 10% off on all groceries at the Co-Op, plus amazing online discounts such as 50% off Spotify membership and 10% off at both ASOS and Amazon. A full list of the latest discounts can be seen here.

    Following a campaign by the Middlesex University Students' Union (MDXSU), the University is providing you with a card worth £12 that will save you money from day one. NUS Extra saves you an average of £520 a year, so collectively this deal will save MDX students a sum of over £3.5 million this year.

    How do I get it?

    All students in their first year of study at Middlesex and have completed their enrolment are eligible for the NUS Extra card discount card.

    Within a week of enrolling, you will receive a unique code via email in order to apply online. Your card will then be delivered to the Students' Union reception desk in MDX House.

    From Friday 29th September, as long as you have enrolled, you can collect your card directly from the Students' Union reception desk without applying online first.

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