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    Faculty of Science and Technology

    Prof Martin Loomes, PVC Executive Dean - Faculty of Science and Technology

    The University and the Faculty has significantly invested in improving its specialist facilities over the last few years. The core driver for this development is not only the technological advances but the recognition of our student's changing needs and much easier access to facilities and support.

    The support we provide in the Faculty is based on an integrated team effort where a strong team of technical staff coupled with a significant investment in Graduate Academic Assistants and Student Learning Assistants. With the opening of the new Ritterman Building, teaching and learning spaces are even more accessible and student focused.

    The provision in the entire building is to encourage team teaching and enabling students to develop their own learning communities. It is now very common to see students teaching other students, sometimes from other programmes and departments with a very strong support from the academic and technical teams, integrated into the same space. The support for students to develop their own learning communities has never been stronger. The impact of this approach has led to the development of a community of motivated, confident and successful students.

    Participation in outreach activities and other events has grown exponentially over the last few years. This is one of the outcomes of our approach to teaching and learning in the Faculty. We see this as an organic change and the usage of our building and facilities will evolve as students develop and adjust to such innovative practices. The result of this has been very positive and we are very excited by the way our students are embracing these developments.

    Prof Martin Loomes

    PVC Executive Dean - Faculty of Science and Technology

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