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    • Library and learning resources

      • Your Impact: A real-time chat service for UniHelp

        We have listened to your feedback about how you get in touch and that is why we now offer an online chat service.

        The service was piloted at the start of the 2016/17 academic year, and students who have already used it have provided much positive feedback.

        • - “Fast and just what I needed. Thank you,”
        • - “Quick and very useful!”

        To use the Chat functionality, click on the ‘Call, Chat or Visit’ button on the UniHub front page or visit our UniHelp page.

        Online Chat is available during term time Monday to Friday – 8:30am to 9:00pm, Saturday and Sunday  - 11:00am to 5:30pm.

      • Your Impact: More laptops… in more places… for longer

        In the National Student Survey (NSS) last year, students said that they enjoyed being able to access laptops on campus, but that there weren’t enough – so were often all booked out. In January 2017, more laptops were added to our Hendon campus loan spots.

        From student feedback, there are also now laptops for loan available at the Royal Free Hospital.

        Also, we have increased the laptop loan period for students with disabilities from 24hrs to 48hrs.

      • Your Impact: Free eTextbooks for every student

          Feedback from the National Student Survey (NSS) and from Student Voice Leaders in Boards of Study meetings reflected a broader view from students that the library did not stock sufficient copies of essential textbooks, a problem compounded by the limited space to stock extra copies.

          To address this, Middlesex University introduced the eTextbooks scheme (initially within the Business School, but then expanded to all students last year) to provide each student with a free eTextbook for each of their modules. You can access the eTextbook free of charge and keep them for the whole of your degree and beyond.

          This scheme has meant that distance learning students can access key resources, wherever they are studying. All students can also take advantage of the eTextbook software functionality (including sharing notes with classmates, highlighting and referencing). Finally, it has meant that space has been freed up in the Sheppard Library.

      • Your Impact: Smart solutions to reduce UniHelp queues

        The “General UniHelp Queue” used to begin on ticket number 700 at the start of each day.  The perception was that this suggested that the queue (even early on in the day) was very long and this was sometimes disconcerting to students.  A simple change was made to the system in April 2016 which meant the ticket numbers began at 000 instead. This small and simple change has encouraged students to ask their queries earlier in the day – leading to earlier resolutions.

      • Your Impact: Accessible study spaces

        Following general student feedback, there are now electronic adjustable-height desks that can be used in the Sheppard Library. These will support the learning of wheelchair users and offers flexible sit/stand study space for the wellbeing of all students.

      • Your Impact: Faster and more powerful IT equipment

        Following feedback from a number of sources (including Boards of Study), the desktop computers in the Sheppard Library have been upgraded to be faster. Old printers have also been upgraded and more new ones added, so that printing is faster for students.

      • Your Impact: Better support to find what you’re looking for in the Sheppard Library

        Comments made in the 2016 National Student Survey (NSS) highlighted that it can often be hard to find books in the Library.

        From the beginning of the academic year 2016/17 Customer Service Assistants are now available at library help points on each floor of the Sheppard library and are fully equipped with mobile technology giving them access to all of the applications needed to support you when studying in the Library.

        As well as advising you on using library resources effectively, our assistants can also refer you to specialist teams, such as Liaison Librarians and the Learning Enhancement Team, if additional support is required.

      • Your Impact: An easier process to feedback about Library services

        Student Voice Leaders in Board of Study meetings said that they didn’t think their suggestions about Library services were being acted upon. To resolve this, Librarians (who are present at each board meeting) now collate all suggestions to improve the Library and other support for students. They will also present a report of any changes since the previous meeting.

        This has led to many of the changes included on these webpages.

      • Your Impact: An increase in the number of Student Learning Assistants (SLAs)

        A number of students fed back that they wanted more help from SLAs or that they didn’t have access to an SLA relevant to their modules.

        We have now increased the number of SLAs; offering more students the opportunity to discuss their course expectations with experienced students who have excelled in their programmes of study.

        SLAs are able to help provide a relaxed and supportive learning environment where students can improve understanding of course content, practise skills and also learn collaboratively. In addition SLAs share effective study success tips and learning strategies with students to enable students improve their performance in their courses.

        SLAs themselves benefit by gaining transferable and employability skills by virtue of their role in supporting learning.

      • Your Impact: Improvements to the loan laptop programme

        The popular rental laptop scheme has been expanded to include new self-service cabinets on the Sheppard Library’s second and third levels, as well as including lower lockers in the College Building for wheelchair users.

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