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    • Students' Union and extra-curricular

      • Your Impact: Access to placements in the local community

        Following feedback from students about having more opportunities to find part-time jobs, in September 2016 the Students’ Union launched a brand new Community Placement Scheme.

        The Community Placements offer students well-paid, flexible job opportunities which fit around their studies. As well as enabling students to utilise their skills and knowledge in a practical setting - to the huge benefit of their CVs – the placements also have a positive impact on the local community, raising the profile of Middlesex students within Barnet and beyond.

        Fifty students have found placements already, with placements in areas such as research, teaching, campaigning, and even developing a mental health app for a local primary school.

      • Your Impact: A free on campus bike-loan scheme for students

        An idea was submitted through the Ideas for Change tool on the MDXSU website, about creating a Middlesex University bike scheme. It received a really positive response, with 80 students voting in favour, resulting in your Students’ Union Officers working with the University to implement the idea.

        This led to the launch of the new MDXSU and MDX free bike hire scheme for students and staff in January 2017. The scheme is called ‘Free Wheelers’ and has been devised to provide easier access between main campus, Allianz Park and halls – whilst promoting healthier lifestyles and students’ wellbeing.

      • Your Impact: A greater variety of Freshers’ events

          Following feedback from the 2015 Freshers’ survey, this year the Students’ Union offered a greater variety of MDXSU events during Welcome Month, with not only more events than in previous years, but also a greater focus on daytime events and events for specific students groups – such as mature students and student parents.

      • Your Impact: A positive difference to the local area through the MDXSU Community Kitchen

        Students fed back to the MDXSU Vice Presidents (Orla and Joe) that they would like to see a soup kitchen setup to support homeless people in the local area.

        The first MDX Home Community Kitchen was held in MDX House on Saturday 8th October. The new monthly, on-campus MDXSU Community Kitchen, providing food, clothing and a safe, warm space for homeless people and those in need to socialise and relax.

        There are opportunities for students to volunteer; serving food and chatting with guests. Students can also help out by sharing any individual knowledge they may have – for example, providing medical advice, or helping guests to complete legal forms.

      • Your Impact: A better format to Student Voice Leaders conferences

        Student Voice Leaders were concerned that they weren’t sure how to raise campus wide student issues that had been flagged to them.

        To address this, Middlesex Students’ Union have created School-specific meetings to address academic issues, whilst maintaining the central Student Voice Conference to address campus wide student issues.

        This means student leaders from across campus – Society and Liberation committees and Halls Leaders – are better involved, and there are a wider range of activities and workshops within conference which all students can engage in.

      • Your Impact: Access to cheaper and free sanitary products

        The cost of sanitary products was raised as an issue by students on MDXSU’s Ideas for Change part of their website. It was also part of the manifesto of Katie Dragomirova, Vice President Business and Law, to address this issue.

        Students are now able to purchase tax-free, cost-price sanitary products from the Middlesex Students’ Union Welcome Desk, or pick them up for free every Tuesday. This has meant that students are saving money on essential products like tampons and sanitary pads – which are also sustainably produced.

      • Your Impact: Social Activity Wednesday launched

        MDX Sport now reserves Wednesday afternoons for social sporting games and activities, particularly for students who have not been taking part in sport before. Group activities include Hula Fitness, Salsa Fitness and Table Tennis. This new programme was inspired by students’ responses to the annual MDX Sport survey, as well as feedback from the MDXSU Executive.

      • Your Impact: Free basketball hoop and table tennis tables

        Following requests in the annual MDX Sport survey, a new basketball hoop and a number of table tennis tables have been installed outside MDX House. These are free to use, and equipment can be borrowed from the Sport office.

      • Your Impact: Elected halls of residence representation

        Students consistently say that housing is one of their biggest challenges to studying here in London. Over half of all first year undergraduates will live in university affiliated Halls of Residence. In order to increase student representation regarding their accommodation, from September 2016 each hall has at least one Resident Assistant to deal with local issues, as well as an elected Halls Leader.

        The Halls leader meets with the university, the SU and the company operating the halls to solve issues. The Halls leaders were elected in October 2017, for more information on this scheme please email Amanda Chetwynd-Cowieson @

      • Your Impact: POW! Media revitalised

        As POW! Media is now several years old students felt it was outmoded and not fit for purpose. Joe Cox, Vice-President of Art and Design and Media and Performing Arts, campaigned on a manifesto pledge of a revamp of the POW! Media facilities, resources and studio.

        This has been completed and has been accompanied by a launch of a brand new website to better access POW! TV, POW! FM and the POW! Mag.

        To explore for yourself please visit where you can look at contributing to POW! Media yourself.

      • Your Impact: Subsidised Dyslexia testing for international students

        The university has agreed to part-fund the dyslexia testing of international students in the same fashion as UK nationals.

        Previously International students would have to pay around £400 fee for the testing. However now the university will only require all registered students to pay £72, with the university providing the remaining £228.

        This is in direct response to feedback from Student Voice Leaders and their efforts to represent their courses.

        To book dyslexia testing or to discuss potential provisions please email Information is also available regarding the disability and dyslexia service on Unihub or the MDXapp.

      • Your Impact: launch of Student Communities

        Following on from research from the Student Engagement Team, we found that there were several groups of students who suffered from barriers to fully engaging during their time at Middlesex University.

        These groups were International Students, Parent /Carer Students, Commuter Students and Postgraduate Students.

        In Response to this The Student Union has created 4 communities to share the challenges and solutions these students encounter. To view and join the communities, please go to or email for more information.

      • Your Impact: Second Microwave in Ritterman

        Following on from the campaign by the elected Student Union officials to install a microwave on campus, and building on the popularity of the first microwave, a second unit has been installed in the Ritterman Building.

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