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    Resources for Education Students

    Before you begin a programme that leads to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) you need to pass an online Numeracy Test. The test is divided into two sections. The first part contains mental arithmetic questions, which are read out, and the second  contains on-screen, written questions.

    You can get help with the numeracy test from the LET using the following materials or arrange a tutorial by emailing


    • Mental Arithmetic - This resource mimics the mental arithmetic part of the Numeracy test. You are given a limited time to answer each question.
    • QTS Numeracy: Written section - This quiz contains questions similar to those in the on-screen section of the Numeracy test. There is no time limit and you can check your answers and see advice on how to answer each question as you go along. The questions change slightly each time you attempt them.
    • QTS Numeracy Skills Test - Mental Arithmetic Tips and Tricks - This video contains some useful tips on how to get quicker at doing the kind of calculations required in the mental arithmetic section.

    Please see our Percentages page for more resources.


    • Department of Education -  This is the official Department of Education site and contains full details about the Numeracy  and Literacy tests including regulations and links to practice tests.
    • Practice Test Questions - This site has some practice questions similar to those on the QTS Numeracy test and provides answers and explanations.
    • If you have not done any maths for a while you might like to sign up for the National Numeracy Challenge


    • Patmore, M. Passing the Numeracy Skills Test, 4th Edition (Achieving QTS). Learning Matters.

    We will also be happy to help you in person. To see us, please book a one-to-one appointment.

    If you need further help or information please contact the Maths, Stats and Numeracy Support team on:

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