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    The Writing Space

    The Writing Space in now closed

    The Writing Space has been created to provide students with a place where they can focus on the act of writing.  This is a drop-in place for you to work on your writing projects and to develop your inner writer. You can use this space to discuss your writing projects with your peers and AWL lecturers, get pointers on your writing process and just write. Come along for just a few minutes or for the whole time. Open to all Middlesex students.

    Some of the benefits of working at The Writing Space are that it's a quiet place where you can:

    • be motivated by writing in the company of others
    • discuss ideas with other students, SLAs, and AWL lecturers
    • get brief pointers about the writing you're doing

    If you have completed an assignment and you want more detailed, one-to-one feedback from an AWL lecturer, book a one-to-one tutorial

    The Writing Space

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