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    Laptops for loan

    There are 330 laptops available for loan across the Hendon campus and in the Whittington Health Library. These laptops can be loaned from self-service cabinets for a maximum of 24 hours (for full borrowing details see Terms of Service). All laptops have full desktop software installed, printing functionality, and can be used on or off-site.

    Laptop loan locations

    The self-service laptop cabinets can be found at the following locations:

    Sheppard Library: 1st floor right wing (20 laptops), 2nd floor left wing (60 laptops), 3rd floor left wing (60 laptops)
    College Building (30 laptops featuring dedicated lockers suitable for wheelchair users)
    MDX House (20 laptops)
    Williams Building (30 laptops)
    (30 laptops)
    The Grove (30 laptops)
    Hatchcroft (30 laptops)
    Allianz Park (10 laptops)
    Whittington Health Library (10 laptops)

    Terms of service

    • The self-service laptops are available for loan for a maximum of 24 hours – a charge will be incurred if the laptop is returned to the cabinet after this time.
    • Laptops taken out on a Friday, however, can be borrowed over the weekend and will be due back at 11am on the following Monday, regardless of the time they were originally borrowed. A charge will be incurred if the laptop is returned any later than this.
    • You will be charged at a rate of 50p per hour for any late return (up to a maximum of £5 per day).
    • Please check the laptop for any physical damage, and turn on to make sure the laptop and screen is in working condition; if damaged, report laptop immediately to UniHelp or an IT Specialist in the StudyHub area of the Sheppard Library.
    • A laptop is issued on the understanding that it becomes the sole responsibility of the student until it is returned. You are liable for any costs due to the loss of, or damage to the laptop whilst it is in your possession.
    • You are strongly advised to save any work onto your own USB memory stick, as any work saved onto the laptop will automatically be deleted upon computer shutdown/restart.
    • Please shut down the computer when you have finished – documents will NOT be saved on the laptop.
    • All standard software found on classroom desktop computers is available on the laptops.
    • You must have a valid Middlesex user ID and password to log into the wireless network to access the internet.
    • Battery life is just over six hours.
    • If you require assistance, please text "Laptop cabinet help" to 07785 447466.

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