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    • Pre-sessional FAQs

      • I haven't received my accommodation details

        Contact the Central Accommodation Office; Tel: (0)20 8411 6121;Email: Accomm@mdx.ac.uk

      • I haven't got any accommodation. What should I do?

        Contact the Private Rented Accommodation Office – 'Middlesexstudentpad'

      • I haven't received confirmation of my place on the orientation programme

        Contact the Student Engagement Team; Email: orientation@mdx.ac.uk

      • I will be arriving at my hall of residence out of office hours (before 9am or after 5pm). Will there be anyone to let me in?

        Yes, although the office hours are 9am to 5pm, the halls of residences are open and staffed by security staff 24-7.

        Hendon: Platt Halls (0)20 8457 6688

        Hendon: Usher Hall (0)20 8203 5127Hendon: Ivy Hall (0)20 8452 4528

      • I haven't received information about where I should report for enrolment and campus induction when the term begins

        Please visit the Getting Started pages on UniHub

      • When and how do I pay my pre-sessional tuition fees?

        Most of you will have paid a deposit before you received your CAS number. You need to pay the reminder of your Pre-sessional tuition fees at enrolment.

      • When can I enrol and see my timetable online?

        You can enrol online from September and then January via our myUnihub. If you're an international student please do not enrol until you have received your visa.

      • How can I get a student oyster card photo?

        Please visit the TFL website.

      • Is there a church or mosque near the campus?

        Yes. Further information will be given to you about places of worship during the welfare talk on the first day of the course.

      • Contact us

        We have a network of 18 Regional Offices across the globe dedicated to helping international students.

        Middlesex University
        Pre-Sessional Administration Office
        Model Farmhouse (MG02)
        The Burroughs
        NW4 4BT
        +44 20 8411 4653/4767

        Jade Cheng
        Pre-sessional Administration Co-ordinator
        +44 20 8411 6352

        Agnieszka Mecibah
        Pre-sessional Administrator
        +44 20 8411 4450

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