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    Progressing to your degree programme

    Progressing to your degree programme will require changes to your Visa and lifestyle. You will need to make sure that you have the correct permits to remain in this country. You may also need to get a job to support your education and living costs. You will need to have the correct permits to do this. This section will help you understand this change.

    • FAQ

      • Renew your visa

        During the course

        To help you make a successful visa extension application at the end of the course, we will give you a visa extension talk. We will tell you the exact documents you will need to provide to the Home Office. The university manages the University's Visa Batch scheme and are in constant contact with the Home Office. We will answer questions and can arrange to see students with more complicated applications individually.

        At the end of Pre-sessional Course

        At the end of the course, we will first hold a Home Office Registration Sessions to make sure that you have the original certificates you need to show, including original certified translations of certificates if required.  Above all, you need to show a bank statement to prove that you have enough money for living costs and tuition fees.

        Secondly, we will also hold Visa Extension Workshops where we will help you complete the online application form. 

        Extending your student visa from within the UK

        Renewing your Tier 4 visa (General) can be a daunting process. However, there is help at hand as the University has produced several detailed visa extended guidance sheets  to help you through the process. In addition, we strongly advise you to apply for your visa through the University Check and Send Scheme which guides you through the whole process and helps to avoid any unnecessary mistakes that will delay your application. Remember it is vital that you pay attention to every detail when you apply for your visa, as making mistakes can be very costly. The visa application form can be downloaded here. It is vital that you submit your visa extension application at least three weeks before it is due to expire.

        Remember always read the UK Border Agency information before you submit your application.

        Why you don't want to be an over stayer

        • Your immigration record will show that you have overstayed
        • You will need to declare it on all future visa applications
        • As an over stayer, you lose your automatic "right to appeal"

        Take a look at our Visa and international student advice pages for more info.insert div

      • Working in the UK

        Our Pre-sessional programmes are short and intensive and run from Monday to Friday so we really recommend that you don't try to work until you have joined your degree programme.

        The rules surrounding working in the UK while you are studying are complicated and will depend upon several conditions attached to your stay in the UK.  Before looking for work, check that you have permission to do so, as working without permission could have serious consequences.

        When you are certain that you have permission to work you should also check the rules surrounding tax and National Insurance.

        Check our leaflet on whether you can work in the UK during your studies.

        For information regarding tax and National Insurance visit the Government website.

        You may also like to look at the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) as they also give detailed guidance on working in the UK while studying.

        Working in the UK after your studies

        The regulations governing working after your course are subject to constant change so please check with UKBA to find out what options are available to you.  

        Check out the UKCISA website for more detailed information at 

        Remember you should also check the UK Boarder Agency website to monitor any changes.

        Applying for a National Insurance Number (NI)

        Your NI number is used as a reference number for the whole benefits and tax credits system. You are required to have an NI number before you can get a job in the UK.

        To apply please call 0845 6000 643 or for more information on National Insurance visit the Government website.

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