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    Fees and payment

    Fees and funding

    The decision to study at University is a financial investment, so it is vital that you check what funding is available and apply for it as soon as you can. There are consequences of late payment of fees so we recommend that you sort out your finances before you even start with us. The date when your fees have to be paid depends on the category of student you fall under:

    UK/EU Undergraduate students

    As an UK/EU student, you are required to pay your fees in full by the 6th November 2018. Where you are unable to make payment by this deadline you will find that progressively you will be restricted from our facilities and systems. The restrictions or Holds are automatic and are imposed by our systems. To ensure that you are not affected you should ensure that you arrange funding with Student Finance England or your Sponsor before you enrol. If you will be paying your fees yourself you need to ensure funds are transferred to us a soon as possible and you request assistance from us if you have trouble raising the funds.

    Postgraduate and international students

    If you are a post-graduate or international student, you need to ensure that we are notified of your funding arrangements if this is likely to be through a Sponsor. In the event that you are unable to pay your fees by the required due dates, you will find yourself going through our Deregistration process. This will result in you being removed from our University records as an enrolled student and if you are an International student you run the risk of being reported to the UK Visa Authority. Please ensure that provision is made for your funding so that you do not find yourself experiencing unnecessary stress at a time when you need to focus on your studies.

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