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    Charges and financial holds

    If you haven't paid...

    Debt policy and procedures

    This policy outlines the arrangements for collection of student fees and charges. It covers sanctions which may be used in relation to students with overdue tuition fee debts and is designed to ensure that all students are treated fairly and equitably.

    If you fail to pay your tuition fees on time services including library including your computing facilities will be withdrawn and your enrolment may be revoked.

    If you are unable to pay any fees or charges by the appropriate due date, you should contact the University at the earliest opportunity, as we may be able to help. The University will be sympathetic and assist where it can, however the quality of teaching is dependent upon funding and so it must act to recover all outstanding debts.

    The Student Welfare Advice Team will be able to give advice on sources of funding available.

    If your financial circumstances change after you started your course then you may be able to agree a non-standard instalment plan. To find out contact the Student Fees and Finance team:

    * in person at UniHelp
    * by email at
    * by telephone on + 44 (0)20 8411 6400 option 2.

    Please note that documentary evidence to support your request will be required before it can be considered, please have this information to hand when contacting us.

    De-registration for non-payment of tuition fees

    International, UK/EU postgraduate and ELQ students who fail to pay their tuition fees or provide confirmation of sponsorship will be de-registered at the end of learning week four. The option to pay by instalments available at the start of the academic year will no longer be available.  Any student who has been de-registered will be required to pay the annual tuition fee in full plus a late payment charge in order to be re-instated

    International, UK/EU postgraduates and ELQ students who fail to pay the second or any subsequent instalment within 3 months of the due date will also be subject to de-registration.

    Late payment charges

    International, UK/EU postgraduate and ELQ students who fail to pay their tuition fees or provide confirmation of sponsorship on or before payment deadlines will be subject to a £200.00 late payment charge. This late payment charge will be payable on each occurrence of default, including the first instalment.

    Financial Holds

    If you have a tuition fee debt that becomes overdue, holds will be applied to your student account automatically. Holds are designed to prevent access to certain facilities such as library and computing, dependent on the age and value of the debt. The hold types and their effects are as follows:

    Hold severity

    Effects of holds

    Overdue debt A

    There is a financial obligation to the University.  Payment or proof of sponsorship must be provided. No restrictions are applied.

    Overdue debt B

    You will not be able to re enrol, change modules or module components, apply for a new programme.

    Overdue debt C

    In addition to the above restrictions you will not be able to view your final assessment and grade results, and progression and programme results.

    Overdue debt D

    In addition to the above restrictions you may be denied access to University buildings. You will not be able to graduate if you have outstanding debts.

    De-registration Hold

    You have been de-registered from the University and are therefore no longer a Middlesex University Student and should not be attending lectures, tutorials etc.

    Returning students with debt

    Students with outstanding tuition fee debts from a previous academic year are not permitted to re-enrol. All tuition fee debts must be paid in full before you can return to undertake another year of study. Importantly this means that you will not be able to access your student loan and so cannot use it to pay off any old debts.

    Accommodation Fees (rent)

    If you are unable to pay your accommodation fees (rent) by the payment deadlines please contact the credit control team straightaway.  Failure to pay your rent will result in the University issuing a notice to quit, which will lead to you being required to vacate your room. Full details are contained in your terms and conditions of residence.

    See our Welfare Advice Guide:Debt and Money Management

    Nursery Fees

    If you are unable to pay your Nursery fees by the payment deadline, please contact the Student Fees and Finance team straightaway. Failure to pay nursery fees will result in your child being withdrawn from nursery. Full details are contained in the terms and conditions of use of the University childcare services.

    External debt collection agencies

    The University reserves the right to refer outstanding debt, relating to any ex-student, to an external debt collection for recovery.

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