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MDXcelerator Resources: Branding and Market Positioning

Explore this collection of resources to develop a deeper understanding of branding, the significance of starting with a clear "WHY," and effective category design. Learn how to position your product or service in the market, the advantages of starting in London, and strategies for validation and building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Discover the art of marketing your business and ensuring online visibility to reach your target customers.

  • The Power of Branding

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    Learn how to use the most powerful branding tools and techniques to elevate your brand equity and connect to your target audience.

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  • Starting with WHY

    Pictue of Simon Sinek on the presenting on the stage

    Whether you are marketing, retail, anything between, or anything beyond, we all have a WHY that gives our lives meaning and fulfillment.

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  • Understand Category Design

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    Learn how to use strategic Category Design to rise above your industry crowd, find new spaces and opportunities, and drive up the value in your company and attract investors.

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  • Position Your Product

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    Your pitch is an essential tool to engage customers, as well as investors, employees, mentors, etc. It tells people why they should care about your business and want to learn more.

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  • Why Start in London

    Pincture of the Tower of London

    Establish and grow your international business in London. Learn how to get started, find sector-specific information and benefit from our free support.

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  • Validating Your Product

    Picture of text on pink background reading as Market Validation

    You’re certain your idea is a game-changer. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could know, with confidence, that you weren’t the only one that thinks it’s a great idea?

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  • Marketing Your Product

    Picture of a person placing postits on a glass wall

    Learn how to market your small business successfully and attract new customers with resources, videos and guides from marketing and PR experts.

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  • Will Customers Find You Online

    Animaiton of a customer service working employee from home

    Discover some of the ways businesses can reach and connect with more customers online, improve your search engine performance (SEO), and use online advertising (SEM) to boost sales and awareness.

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