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Your Student Route visa

Make sure you understand the conditions of your Student route visa

  • Important information about your visa

Extending your Student route (formerly tier 4) visa

All workshops and appointments will be held online

Our International Student Advice Team can help you extend your Student route visa if you're in the UK. They can assist you with the online application and help book your biometrics appointment.

Please ensure you're eligible to extend your visa before you submit an application.

If you have completed your course and want to start a higher level course, you must apply to extend your current visa within 6 weeks of enrolling onto your new course (even if your current visa lasts longer than this). This is to comply with the Immigration rules

Helpful resources

  • Your visa application and Student route visa checklist

Read the UKVI information before you submit your application.

Get in touch

Make an appointment

Email: intadvice@mdx.ac.uk
Tel: 020 8411 4507

  • Personal details

    Please make sure your personal details are up-to-date. This includes your addresses (permanent and term time), email and telephone numbers.

    Change of address

    If you change your address after obtaining your Student route visa, you'll need to update your address on myUniHub.

  • Request a CAS Number

    If you are a current student returning from a period of interruption or you need additional time to complete your studies, you might be eligible for a CAS number to apply for your Student route (formerly tier 4) visa.

    To request a CAS number, please complete and submit the CAS Request form. In order to avoid a delay, you must attach a photocopy or scan of your current visa and ID page of your passport.

    Due to current Immigration rules, you may have to apply for your Student route visa from overseas. We will make an assessment based on the information you have provided in the form and advise you accordingly.

    On submission of this form you will receive a confirmation of receipt to your university email account. The CAS request form will be assessed within 10 working days and you will be notified on the outcome via email.

    If your visa expires within the next 10 working days, we will prioritise your request. However, complex cases may take longer to assess.

  • Census ID checks

    When you start your programme, you will be asked to bring your visa and passport for an ID check.

    It is important that you do this check, as you will not get your student ID card until it has been completed. Your induction pack will give you more details of where and when you have to go for your ID check.

    During your studies, you may also be asked to attend another check of your visa and passport. This usually happens twice per year and you will be emailed about this.

    It's nothing to worry about and is simply a part of our obligations to UK Visas and Immigration. The check takes about 5 minutes and it's very important you attend as you may be withdrawn from your course and the university if you don't.

  • Non-enrolment on your course

    Enrol onto your course as soon as possible. If you are not enrolled by the start date and are reported to the Home Office, your visa will be invalid.

    If you are already in the UK, this means you must return to your home country and make a new visa application to continue your studies in the UK.

    If you have not travelled to the UK, you will be unable to do so and entry will be denied at the UK border control.

Visa refusal

If your Student route visa is refused, you will receive a Refusal letter from UKVI. Read this letter carefully to understand the reasons given for the refusal.

Please send a copy of the Refusal Letter to our Visa Compliance team.

We will get in touch with you as soon as possible to advise you and we recommend that you do not take any action on your own (such as appealing the decision) until you have heard from us.

Please note, as a Student route sponsor, Middlesex University must adhere to Home Office requirements and you may not be able to continue or commence your studies as planned if your visa is refused.

Apply for Administrative Review

If your Student route visa is refused you have 14 days to apply for an Administrative Review.

Please email our International Student Advice team or call 020 8411 4507 for advice as there are strict deadlines for Administrative Reviews.

Additional available visas

Schengen visas

If you are not a European Economic Area (EEA) national and want to travel to Europe, you may be required to apply for a Schengen visa before you travel.

The Schengen Visa Scheme allows those wishing to visit certain countries within the EEA and Switzerland to travel between these countries using only one visa.

These are the countries considered in the Schengen space: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.

The short stay or travel visa allows a visit of up to three months in any six-month period. This is the visa that most students wanting to travel within the Schengen space as tourists will require.

Other visas

Apply for Standard Visitor Visa if you want to visit the UK for leisure such as on a tourist holiday for up to 6 months.

Apply for a Short Term Study Visa if you are studying in the UK for up to 6 months and meet the eligibility requirements.

  • Your visa and your studies

  • Withdrawing or interrupting your studies

    There may be circumstances where it is necessary for you to withdraw from MDX or interrupt your studies.

    We recommend getting in touch with our support services before you make your decision so you are fully aware of your options and impact to your studies and visa.

    Understand your leaving options

  • Changing your programme

    If you want to stay at MDX but change your degree programme, please first speak to our International Students' Advice team who will be able to advise you of your options.

    As a Student route visa student, it's important you ensure that your new course will align with your current visa.

    Change your programme

Deferring assessments

Undergraduate students are able to defer assessment as long as you are able to complete your course within the duration of your existing visa.

Postgraduate students are unable to defer assessment as Middlesex University will be unable to sponsor you or provide Student route visa extension as you will not meet the sponsorship requirements.

If you have deferred any of your assessments, the Registry may be required to report this information to the UKVI if you are longer need to attend scheduled classes, lecture or seminars. This report will withdraw sponsorship of your Student route visa and this starts the curtailment process.

Note that independent studies and attending library does not qualify as formal studies.

You will receive an email from the Registry confirming a report has been submitted to the UKVI. Once the cease of Student route visa sponsorship report has been submitted:

  • You will no longer have the right to work in the UK. Please inform your employer of the change in your circumstances
  • Any dependant on your Student route visa will also need to return home with you
  • You cannot travel out of the UK and then attempt to return on your Student route visa. Once you leave the UK, you should consider your Student route visa cancelled

The Home Office will contact you with the new expiry date of your visa. This is usually 60 days from the date of the letter/email. This information can sometimes be delayed so it's best to plan to leave the UK as soon as possible.

Please note that the period of time waiting for your Student route visa to be curtailed will be included in the calculation towards the cap on degree level studies.

For further help and guidance, please contact The International Students Advice Team (ISAT).

  • Your attendance

    Maintaining good attendance is vital to ensuring you fulfil the conditions of your Student route (formerly tier 4) visa.

    Although there will be times when you are unable to attend your classes due to illness or extenuating circumstances, there are processes in place to ensure you can report your absense.

    See how we monitor attendance

  • Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS)

    The (ATAS) has been designed for International students to study specific subjects in the UK. You must apply for an ATAS certificate before you apply for you visa. If you are already have your visa and are studying in the UK, you must apply for the ATAS before you change your course

    The types of course available vary depending if you are looking for an Undergraduate, Postgraduate or research degree.

    Explore the range of course available

Working while studying >

Working while you study can give you independance and provide you with some extra money.

However, there may be certain conditions of your visa that determine the type of work you can do and how many hours you can work.

You must make sure you fully read and understand this page before beginning any work.

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