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Chosen your course? Made an application? Coming to Middlesex? Next step - find your new home.

Help with accommodation

Our accommodation team is here to help you find a room in our own halls of residence or in private rented accommodation. With around 1,200 rooms across 5 locations you can choose a room that meets your needs and fits your budget.

Get accommodation advice

Call: +44 (0)20 8411 6121

Email: accomm@mdx.ac.uk

  • Our halls of residence

There are many benefits to living in halls of residence. You can meet new people, live independently and begin your university experience.

You can be assured that your safety and security is our number one priority. Our halls have 24-hour reception and security teams so there's always someone around to help. The team will also fix maintenance problems quickly with no hassle.

Explore our halls

Unite Olympic Halls

Platt Hall

Usher Hall

Ivy Hall

Writtle House

Wood Green Hall

  • Halls FAQ

    • How will you ensure I am safe in my halls of residence?

      We’re aiming to make your experience of living in halls of residence as normal and fun as possible.

      Our Accommodation team and your friendly halls of residence teams will help you to adjust when you arrive so you’re as comfortable as possible. If you’re not sure about something or feel unsafe, speak with your halls of residence team as soon as possible.

      Things you need to do to keep yourself well

      When you arrive it is essential that you register with a doctor – a General Practitioner (GP) - close to your term-time address as soon as possible. This is so that if you become unwell through your studies with any illness, you know where to go to access support and healthcare quickly. The Uni Doctor are the University’s partner GP, and any Middlesex student can register with them regardless of which hall of residence you are living with, but it is up to you which GP you choose to register with. It’s also really important to make sure that your vaccinations for Meningitis, and for Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) are up to date. Speak to your GP if you are unsure.

      Knowing what healthcare service to use when

      You can download the NHS App – a simple and secure way to access a range of NHS services on your smartphone or tablet and check your symptoms.

      Use a pharmacist if

      Use your GP

      Call 111 if

      Use a hospital A&E

      Call 999

      You need  advice and over-the-counter treatments for minor ailments like aches and pains, coughs and colds, infections and viruses, allergies, minor injuries, skin conditions and more, saving a visit to the doctor’s surgery.

      There’s no need for an appointment.

      Opening hours tend to be Monday – Friday but this may vary.

      Your GP should be your first point of contact for health issues that you can’t treat yourself with the help of your local pharmacy or information on NHS.uk.

      Opening hours tend to be Monday-Friday but this may vary.

      You need medical help fast but it's not a 999 emergency.

      You think you need to go to A&E or need another NHS urgent care service.

      You don't know who to call or you don't have a GP to call.

      You need health information or reassurance about what to do next.

      Opening hours: 24/7, 365

      An A&E department (also known as emergency department or casualty) deals with genuine life-threatening emergencies. A&E is not an alternative to a GP appointment.

      Opening hours: 24/7,


      For immediate, life-threatening emergencies and where you cannot go to A&E yourself.

      Opening hours: 24/7, 365

      Remember that if you have symptoms of Covid-19 – a new, continuous cough, a high temperature/fever, a loss or change in taste or smell, you should not leave your accommodation and should instead get tested for Covid-19. If you feel very unwell you should call 999.

    • How to Access Laundry Services in Halls at Middlesex University?

      Find out how to use the washing machines and dryers at our halls of student residence using a dedicated Circuit Laundry app, available for download through Google or App Store.

    • What other support will be provided to help me settle into my halls of residence?

      Each halls has a friendly team of Resident Assistants, who are students just like you and are there to support you from the time you arrive to when you leave. They can provide guidance on where to seek help within the University on particular issues/ questions, sort out issues you may be having within your flat or just be a friendly face around the hall.

      They will be organising regular kitchen meetings and activities, which dependant on government guidelines may be virtual such as online quizzes, movie nights, socially distanced picnics (weather permitting) or in person with your ‘hall household’ such as bake-offs, pancake making and games nights.

      You will meet your Resident Assistant when you arrive and their photo and contact number will be in your communal kitchens. You’ll also be invited to a WhatsApp group by your residential assistant so that you can get to know whose living in your halls.

      Making social connections with your peers is very important for your mental health. Join the MDX Halls Together Facebook Group to virtually meet your neighbours and hear the latest from #TeamMDX.

      As a Middlesex student, you also have exclusive free access to a number of online wellbeing platforms that can further support your mental health, including Fika, togetherall and UNIHEADS.

    • Can I start my halls contract at a later date?

      We appreciate that some students may decide not to live in halls from September. If you have already been made an offer and later change your mind you can cancel within 14 days from accepting your offer. A full refund of the £300 advance rent payment will be then given if this has already been paid. Otherwise, if the University has decided to withdraw your offer to study at Middlesex after your cancellation period, you will be also entitled to a full refund of your advanced rent.

      If you decide you would prefer to live in halls after the start of term, you can email accomm@mdx.ac.uk and we can advise on availability at that time. You would be charged rent from the date you move in.

      If you decide you would like to live in halls from January instead this may be possible, subject to availability. You would then need to either apply via www.mdx.ac.uk/accommodation from October or if you have already applied, drop the team an email on accomm@mdx.ac.uk to amend your existing contract.

    • For our international students

      If you need to isolate upon your arrival, let us know by emailing COVID19MDX@mdx.ac.uk so that we can best support you.

      If you are required to self-isolate on arrival in the UK you can do this within your hall. The move in date is 13 September so this allows two weeks before the start of term (please note an earlier move in date is also possible – you’ll be sent details on how to arrange this).

    • What should I pre-order to be delivered to my halls?

      We would recommend that you pre-arrange the order and delivery to your hall, of the following items;

      • Bedding (duvet, pillows, covers)
      • Cutlery
      • Crockery
      • Pots and pans
      • Supply of food

      You can order these via UniKitOut where you get 10% off as an MDX student – details can be found below:

      Useful links

      UK Council for International Student Affairs – COVID-19 information for international students

      British Council – Preparation for study in the UK

      UK Council for International Student Affairs – general advice

      UK Government – safer travel guidance for passengers

      Information on university support services

  • Accommodation offices

If you have any problems or questions during your stay in halls, you can find Middlesex staff in the accommodation offices at each of the residences. They deal with all the day to day matters of running our halls and should be your first point of call if you want to change rooms, request maintenance, leave early, or make a complaint.

The team will be on-hand to help out or can put you in touch with the relevant people to get your question answered or your issue sorted.

Get in touch

Please contact your accommodation office for more information:

Usher Hall Email: Usher.Hall@southernhousing.org.uk
Tel: 020 8036 0006
Ivy Hall Email: ivyhall@mdx.ac.uk
Tel: 020 8411 6122
Platt Hall and Writtle House Email: Platt.Hall@southernhousing.org.uk
Tel: 020 8036 0065
Unite Olympic Way Email: owreception@unitestudents.com
Tel: 0117 302 7453

All offices are open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm and out of hours information is also available.

Essential information about halls

Practical information about halls - from how to apply to what to do when you move in and how to pay your rent.

What you need to know
  • Management team

Our halls are managed by Optivo and Unite Students who specialise in the delivery of student accommodation.

Code of practice

Optivo and Unite Students are affiliated to The Accreditation Network UK (ANUK) and have signed up to the National Code of Standards for Larger Developments for Writtle House, Platt Hall and Usher Hall.

Ivy hall is signed up to The Universities UK Code of Practice which outlines best practices and provides benchmarks for the management and quality of student housing in the Higher Education sector.


  • Private rented accommodation

Gain your independence

Private rented accommodation is a popular option as you’ll get to be bit more independent than in a hall of residence, and you’ll have the chance to explore areas outside campus.

See our rented accommodation advice

Help getting a guarantor

To secure private rented accommodation, most landlords and agencies will require you to provide details of a guarantor who can be held accountable if you default on your rent. They will often require that this is someone living in the UK, which can be a challenge for International students. If you require a UK guarantor to rent privately please visit Guarantor Service | Housing Hand

Guarantor Service | Housing Hand

Advice from our team

Watch our Facebook Live video as current student Petrana chats to Lisette from our Accommodation team about private rented accommodation for students.

  • Private halls of residence

London has a whole range of private halls of residence available for all students. Developed to meet the high demand for accommodation in the capital, you can get your independence while also socialising with students from other universities.

The halls are managed independently and vary from luxurious en-suite studios to simpler dormitory-style hostels, depending on your budget.

Use the tool to search for available halls of residence across London and check our full list on Middlesexstudentpad.

If you require a UK guarantor to rent privately please visit Guarantor Service | Housing Hand

  • Frequently asked questions

    • There is a financial hold on my account preventing me enrolling, what should I do?

      If you have an administrative hold, you will need to open a ticket via UniHelp Online or visit the UniHelp desk in the Sheppard Library.

      If you have a financial hold, any outstanding payments must be made before you can enrol. You can pay  your tuition fees, accommodation fees, studio levies, childcare charges, or short courses and short term loan repayments online through the student portal.

      How to pay online

      • Log into My UniHub and select 'My Admin and Finances'
      • From here, select ‘Make an online payment by debit or credit card'
      • Your Account Summary page now displays your outstanding charges and if web payment is allowed
      • In the Pay Amount Box(es) enter the amount you wish to pay
      • Click Continue and check that the amount you wish to pay is correct and then select Accept
      • On the Make a Payment page enter your card details. If paying by Visa debit card please select Delta from the list of card types
      • Click Continue and the next page is the Payment Confirmation. Once you are happy with the details you have entered select Confirm.
      • When your payment has been authorised, the 'Payment Successful' page will be displayed. You can now print and/or email yourself a copy of your receipt.
      • Select Finish to return to UniHub.

      The hold can take up to 48 hours to be removed from your student record / account.

      If you have an enquiry about an online payment or the online system, please email the Finance team or call 020 8411 6400 (select option 1). Lines are open 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

      You can also open a ticket via UniHelp Online or visit the UniHelp desk in the Sheppard Library

    • Can I park at halls?

      There is no parking available in the halls. Requests can be made for health reasons and these will be assessed on a case by case basis.

    • Can my family and friends stay in a hall/my room when they come and visit?

      At the current time to help keep everyone safe we are not allowing friends or family to stay in the halls, you will need to meet with them outside away from the hall. We will be reviewing this as government advice is updated and will let you know if there is any change.

    • TV licence

      A TV licence is needed if you are watching or recording television programmes at the same time as they are being shown on TV. If you live in halls of residence and use a device (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone) to watch or record TV in your room, you will need a separate TV licence.

      For further information and to buy your TV licence, visit the TV Licencing website.

    • BSc Veterinary Nursing accommodation

      Please apply online for the 40 week contract from September to June and pay the deposit.

      You can then email the Accommodation team or call 020 8411 6121 to arrange a one semester contract for the period of September to January. If you wish to do your placement in London you will be able to keep the 40 week contract. Any changes will need to be discussed with the accommodation team.

      If you need accommodation over the summer period, we have availability in our Ivy hall in either an en-suite room or standard room. Please email the accommodation team or call on 020 8411 6121.

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