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Who are the Learning Enhancement Team?

The Learning Enhancement Team are Middlesex University Lecturers who specialise in Applied Linguistics, Teaching and learning, and Mathematics and Statistics.

We work closely with colleagues and students from across the University to enhance your learning experience, develop Middlesex programmes and engage with research and innovation.

We support students to become more confident, fluent, and skilled in academic communication and thinking skills and in performing calculations and applying statistics.

We help you develop skills to succeed in your studies, to engage with your disciplinary communities, and to develop successful careers and networks within and beyond your time at Middlesex.

How we work with your modules?

  • We meet with your programme and module leaders to advise on, contribute to, and develop dedicated lectures, workshops and seminars that are focused on the required academic skills of your specific assignments and communication and numerical skills for your professional field.
  • We deliver lectures, workshops and seminars as part of your core module and programme schedules.
  • We spend time understanding your assessment criteria to more effectively help you meet the academic requirements of your programme and excel in your studies and beyond.

Your dedicated LET Lecturers are:

Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries Faculty of Business and Law Faculty of Health and Education Faculty of Science and Technology

Peter Thomas

Mark Wilkinson

Eleonora Origo

Susannah Donkor

Gemma Wilkinson

Inderjit Grewal

Ruth Bonazza

Paula Bernaschina

Joanna Peksa

Mark Wilkinson

MSN** Lois Rollings

*AWL (Academic Writing and Language)

**MSN (Maths Statistics and Numeracy).

Further Support

We have a wide range of additional FREE support for you to proactively book or drop in to to gain extra help and meet others from around the University. This includes:

  • Bookable one to one appointments
  • Bookable one-off workshops
  • Bookable short courses
  • a drop-in writing space
  • a drop-in maths help centre
  • self-study resources

Please find further details on the below links:

Access support for Academic Writing and Language

Access support for Maths, Statistics and Numeracy

If you have further any questions about Learning Enhancement at Middlesex, please email LET@mdx.ac.uk

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