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'How To' IT guides

Most How to guides on this page are PDF (Portable Document Format) files. These can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Others are active guides with animation and sound and can be viewed with the Adobe Flash player. Click on the links below to view the documents.

Getting started

Computer network and software

Software support

LinkedIn Learning

A wide range of tutorials for various software is available via our LinkedIn Learning Libguide.

Computer guides

Microsoft 365 Guide
Microsoft 365 Download Guide

Microsoft Powerpoint Guide

Microsoft Excel GuideMicrosoft Word Guide
Wi-Fi Guides

MDXOPEN Connection Guide - Android and iOS

MDXOPEN Connection Guide Windows and Mac

Self-Service Password Reset Guide (SSPR)


Password Reset (SSPR)


SPSS Installation Guides

SPSS  28 for Windows

SPSS  27 for Mac (Big Sur and Catalina)


SPSS 28 for Mac (Big Sur and Monterey)

SPSS - Relicensing Guides

Relicensing SPSS 28 for Windows

Relicensing SPSS 26 for Mac (Catalina)


Relicensing SPSS 27 for Mac

SPSS 29 for Mac Sonoma
on completion of the installation you must apply a fix: https://mirror.mdx.ac.uk/spsspatch/

Nvivo Download Guides including License key for 2023/24

Nvivo12 Download Guide - Windows 10

Nvivo12 Download Guide - Mac

NVivo20 Download Guide – Windows 10

NVivo20 Download Guide - Mac

Minitab Download Guide

Minitab – Installation for Windows and Mac

Browser Cache
Clearing Browser Caches User Guide 
EduRoam Guides

Eduroam access for Windows 10

Eduroam access for Mac OSX

VPN Guides
VPN User Guides appearing shortly. For assistance please call 020 8411 6060

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