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Middlesex University offers students free print and copy for their studies (within reasonable limits).  This has proved to be extremely popular and has played an integral part in enhancing the student print experience.

From simple Word documents through to more graphical zines and portfolios, the Sheppard Library is the hub of print activity throughout the academic year.

  • Free for academic use within reasonable limits

Student print and copy is free for academic purposes within reasonable limits and well received within the student community.

We all need to print and copy responsibly and abide by the Printing and Photocopying Policy and Guidance for Students.  Usage is recorded against accounts and mechanisms are in place to act in cases of excessive print, copy or other unauthorised use.

  • Using the printers – tips and good to knows

The first time you use a printer, you will need to register your ID card.  It’s a simple procedure and when completed, you will be able to ‘tap’ into any printer across campus.

The Sheppard Library is the hub of print activity across Campus. To support demand, a blend of printers are installed in order to meet a variety of challenges such as faster printing, higher image quality and delivering across a wide range of media.

Flexible ways to print such as directly from USB (Microsoft, pdf, jpg and tiff only) and some mobile devices, continue to play an important part towards enhancing student achievement and experience.

Various scan options are available. Documents can be scanned and sent directly to your One Drive or University email only.  Quick tip – we recommend using OneDrive if you’re scanning large files or documents exceed 50 pages.  You can also scan and store directly to a USB.

  • How to Guides and Printing FAQ’s

Print facilities are available in all buildings across Campus however, these do not all open and close at the same time.  The Sheppard library is open 24/7 during term time and whilst this gives you flexible options for study space, it does mean that staff are not always on hand to give face to face assistance.  You may find our ‘How to’ guides along with the selection of FAQ’s give you guidance until further help is at hand.

More detailed information such as printing onto special media, can be found on the ‘How to’ guide.

  • Click below for more information

    • Once I have sent my work to print how long will it stay on the University system?

      Your work will stay on the system for 12 hours.

    • I have forgotten my student card – can I still print/copy/scan?

      Yes, press the "log in" button and tap in your User ID and Password details via the keyboard as you did when registering your card with the printers for the first time.

    • Why am I unable to print a JPG/PDF directly from my USB?

      If you’ve created your documents on a Mac it’s likely that you will see a dot and an underscore prior to the job title (in fact, this applies to any file!)  This is known as a temporary file and therefore will not print.  Steps to resolve…  scroll down your list of files and you’ll find the same job but without the dot and underscore.

    • Can I send work to an alternative email address – i.e. my Hotmail account?

      No. The scan to mail function allows documents to be sent to your University email only but from there you can forward to an alternative email address.

    • What type of Printers are in the Library – Laserjet or Inkjet?

      All the student printers in the Library and across Campus are Laserjet.

    • My job will not print and it is a standard A4 document

      Check the paper size at the PC in page set up.  If the person using the computer before you has changed the paper size it is likely that it has held onto the new setting.

    • I want to print white onto my coloured paper but do not know how to do this

      You cannot print white on coloured paper using the University’s Laserjet printers. The work around solution would be to print your chosen coloured background onto white paper and leave your type  "knocked-out”/select the white option from the font colour option

  • Where to find student printers:

Sheppard Library

There are 20 printers in total which are situated on each floor and you can find them in print pods, open access study areas and in some larger rooms.

Across Campus

  • Grove (8)
  • Williams Building (2)
  • College Building (outside CG51, C117 and C213)
  • Hatchcroft (2)
  • Ravensfield (1)
  • The Vine (1)
  • Ritterman Building (5)
  • Hendon Library (1)
  • MDX House (1)
  • Town Hall (1)
  • StoneX (5)
  • Whittington Health Library
  • Beaufort Park
  • Binding Options available in Sheppard Library

CDS Print Services offer various options such as spiral binding, laminating and more however these are not free services and costs will vary dependent on individual requirements.

To avoid any disappointment, please be prepared to allow 24 hours for your finished item.

For full information on all that CDS can offer, visit them in the basement of the Sheppard Library. Hatch opening times are 9.30am to 2.30pm.  Alternatively, you can contact them at mdx@CDS.co.uk or call 020 8411 5781.

  • Cloud Printing from personal laptops

The University offers the option to print documents from your own laptop.  To do this you will need to install ‘Mobility Cloud Print’ but before doing so, please take a minute to read the information below.

Important: whether you are using Windows or Mac, Cloud printing has limitations and is more suited to basic document printing.  These include applications such as Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF documents which do not feature a large number of images.

If you’re printing a portfolio, booklets or zines featuring numerous graphics, we recommend using the University desktop computers to ensure a more seamless print experience.

Mobility Cloud Print installation

Important: Due to technical updates, students who installed ‘mobility print’ last Academic Year, will need to clear existing mobility data before installing the updated version.

To print from your own device, ensure you are connected to the MDXOPEN wi-fi network before installing either  Mobility Print for PC or Mobility Print for MAC


The University is committed to improving its own environmental performance in a wide variety of ways including the effective utilisation of printing and copying facilities. Click above for more details.

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