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    Print and Copy

    Free for academic use within reasonable limits

    The Sheppard Library is the hub of print activity across Campus and to support demand a blend of printers are installed. These are designed to meet a variety of challenges such as faster printing, higher image quality and delivering across a wide range of media.  Flexible ways to print such as directly from USB and mobile devices continue to play an important part towards enhancing student achievement and experience.

    Where to find student printers:

    There are 28 printers in the Sheppard Library and they can be found on each floor except for the Law wing.

    • Basement (5)
    • Ground (8)
    • 1st floor left (print pod x 2, Room S112 (1)  Room S118 x 3)
    • 1st floor right (2)
    • 2nd floor left (print pod x 2,  Room S219 x 1,  Room S217 x 1)
    • 3rd floor (print pod x 2, Room S305 x 1)

    Student printers are also located in various buildings on and off the main Hendon Campus.

    • Grove (10)
    • Williams Building (2)
    • College Building (6)
    • Hatchcroft (2)
    • Ravensfield (1)
    • The Vine (1)
    • Ritterman Building (5)
    • Hendon Library (1)
    • MDX House (1)
    • Town Hall (1)
    • Allianz Park
    • Whittington Health Library
    • Beaufort Park

    The first time you use a printer

    You will need to register your ID card to any printer.  It’s a simple one-off procedure  and once completed, you will be able to ‘touch’ in to any student printer across campus to print, copy or scan.

    Printing directly from a USB

    Printers allow you to print directly from your USB drive/memory stick.  A popular and time saving option with students and new for 2018… printers allow you to print Microsoft files (Word, PowerPoint etc.) as well as PDF, JPG and tiff files

    Printing from mobile devices (phones and tablets)

    Work in progress – more news soon.

    Printing from your Windows laptop

    To install the printer on your Windows 10 laptop, please press the Windows button + R key on your keyboard to open the Run dialog box.

    Inside the Run box, type in the following:


    Press OK – after a few seconds, you will be asked for your user ID and password. Type in uni\ followed by your user ID - for example, if your user ID is ab123, you will have to type uni\ab123 - and then your password.

    Once your details have been entered correctly, the printer will automatically start installing. After a few minutes, you will see Studentprinter as an installed printer – you will now be able to send files to print from your laptop, and then print out those files from any student printer on campus.

    Please note: you will need to be connected to the MDXUNI network on your laptop in order to send files to print.

    Printing from your MacBook

    You can download the MacBook printer driver by logging onto the download server here.

    Once you have logged in, go to the Downloads page - near the bottom of the list of software, you will find a link for Student Mac Printer Installer 1.0. Please click on the link, and then follow the instructions in the attached PDF guide to download and install the printer on your MacBook.

    Scan options

    Documents can be scanned and sent to your University e-mail only. The scan and store option allows you to scan your documents or images directly to your USB drive/memory stick .

    Please print responsibly – the message is simple, do I really need to print?

    Student print and copy is free for academic purposes within reasonable limits but we would like  to remind you to print and copy responsibly and abide by the Printing and Photocopying Policy and Guidance for Students. All printing and copying is recorded against a student account and mechanisms are in place to take action in cases of excessive printing, copying or other unauthorised use.  Please continue to support the joint university/MDXSU green agenda.

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