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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most popular questions that new students ask us. Obviously, this is not exhaustive so if you have any questions we haven't covered here, get in touch with our UniHelp team via live chat, submitting an online enquiry or calling +44 (0)20 8411 6060.

  • Welcome week

    • I don't have my login details

      If you didn't receive your username or password via email from us, please chat with us, and we will  provide new login details.

    • How do I enrol?

      You can now enrol online. To enrol, you'll need to set up 2 Factor Authentification (2FA) for security reasons. If you have trouble doing this, check out the step-by-step guidance available.

      Steps to successful login:

      o Log in to MyUniHub using your username and password

      o Your username and password would have been sent to you in two separate emails

      o You be taken to the ‘Getting Started” page

      o On the ‘Enrol Here’ portal you will find information about enrolment and be able to enrol online – myUniHub will then confirm that you have successfully enrolled.

    • I can't enrol

      The possible reasons for this:

      o You have not completed your application.

      In this case, you will be referred to the Admissions team.

      Call: +44 (0)20 8411 5555. ·

      Email us via our contact form

      Live chat to an adviser


      o There could be between an hour to 24 hours delay from you being give an Unconditional Firm to then being able to enrol online.

      o If you enter your password more than 5 times the account will be locked. You will then need to contact us via chat to reset their password.

    • I can't enrol - NHS Authenticator Issue

      Due to an authenticator error, some NHS students have found they’re unable to enrol using the provided MDX user ID and password if they already use Outlook and Authenticator app to access NHS emails.

      To successfully enrol if this applies to you, please follow these steps (use a tablet or laptop rather than mobile device)

      1. Download either Chrome, Firefox or Edge.  Although unsupported, you can use Safari to sign into myUniHub.
      2. Open a new private window (Windows: Ctrl + Shift + n Apple: Shift + ⌘ + N). This is called a ‘New Incognito Window’ (incognito mode)
      3. In the browser search bar type ‘MDX UniHub’
      4. Click on the first link ‘UniHub - Middlesex University’ (if you’re using Chrome / Firefox)
        or Home | Middlesex University London on Edge.  
        Select myUniHub in the top right corner.
      5. Enter your uni email address i.e. (AB123@live.mdx.ac.uk).
      6. Enter your password (provided in a separate email)

      Let your module leader know if you’re having problems.

    • When I try to enrol I am asked to enter a pin number

      You should not be asked this. If this happens, close /exit out of the browser and try again.

    • How do I complete an ID Check and photo for my ID Card?

      All students are required to have an ID check and have a photo taken prior to an ID card being issued.

      For all UK students and International students with a valid UK visa i.e. pre settled or settled status - (not a Student route Visa)

      You will receive an email inviting you to upload their documents for an ID check. If you haven't received this, you can also find a link on UniHub here. It is important that you complete this for your student loan to be processed. You will also be asked to upload a photo for an ID card. We aim to process your ID check within three working days and you will receive an email notification once it has been completed. You can then collect your ID card from campus 24 hours after receipt of the email.

      ID Cards can be collected in room CG63, 24 hours after you receive an email about your successful ID check.

      Students on a Student route Visa

      Students will be invited to attend an ID check in UniHelp, located on Sheppard Library ground floor. If you are issued with a BRP card you will need to have collected this before completing the ID Check.

      Once you have completed the ID Check, you can have your photo taken and collect your ID Card.

    • I uploaded my documents for an ID check but have not heard anything

      Please allow 3 working days for a confirmation or an email requesting further information. If you still haven't heard anything after this time, please contact UniHelp.

    • Why have I been asked to resubmit my photo for an ID Card?

      We have had to make significant requests to students to resubmit their photos for an ID Card, since they do not adhere to the guidelines provided. Examples of incorrect photos include side profiles, transparent backgrounds, headphones in ears, partial shadowing. We have also been unable to accept HEC files from the newest Apple devices – you will need to convert these to JPEG before submitting.

      You must follow the guidelines given on the form, which you can view here

    • I don’t have/can’t find the links to my online induction sessions

      You can find the links on you Welcome Induction schedule which you can view on the MDX app.

      If you need support, please use the chat with us button so that we can provide those details for you.

    • Where can I find my programme and module handbooks?

      These will be on the programme page of My Learning, and module handbooks on the specific module pages. Both should be available before teaching starts.

    • Where do I find information about my programme induction?

      It is essential that you attend your online Programme Induction, which is held prior to start of teaching so you can get informed about your course, meet your tutor(s) and your fellow course mates.

      You can find the start date of your specific programme induction within MDXapp or by visiting myUniHub. Here you will find the dates, times and details of how to join each online session.

      Please note that this information is occasionally subject to change, so please double-check these details closer to your arrival date.

    • How do I find out about my timetable?

      You'll only be able to access your timetable once you've enrolled. You'll then be able to access your timetable via MDXapp or by logging into myUniHub and going to the 'My Calendar' section on the 'My Middlesex' page.

      Also, for programmes that run-in specialist spaces, the timetable may not be available on MyUniHub. For these programmes teaching timetables are normally provided by the programme teams during Welcome and Programme talks and/or made available on MyLearning.

      If you have just enrolled and are unable to view your timetable prior to teaching, please contact UniHelp and begin a chat discussion or you can come to campus and go to the Welcome Help Desk, where Welcome ambassadors will provide you with a timetable.

      If you're a Work Based Learning student, or a Postgraduate Research Student you won't have a timetable.

    • I am a returning student – how do I change my programme?

      All returning students will need to use this form.

    • How do I get free eTextbooks?

      Kortext provides 1 free e-textbook per module, and these can be accessed by:

      · Logging into MyUniHub

      · Go to MyLearning.

      · Look for the personal e-textbook icon in any module area. More details on this can be found here

    • How do I get a TOTUM NUS card / Oyster card / Student Discounts?

      TOTUM NUS card

      You can apply directly through the TOTUM website or app.

      By downloading the app you are given immediate access to over 100 other entirely free student discount apps, like UniDays with the option to upgrade to receive another 200-300 additional offers, and have a physical card.

      Oyster Card

      You can apply for the 18+ student oyster card and get a 30% discount on travel. You will need to have enrolled otherwise your application may be rejected and you may lose the application fee.

      Note: During Welcome, it may take up to two weeks for the university to validate a Student Oyster application.

      Gym Membership

      You can take advantage of the student rate of membership for the Fitness Pod

      Discounts and Bursaries

      The University offers discounts in the form of scholarships and bursaries. Details of these can be found on the Middlesex University website under Scholarships and Bursaries.

    • Where can I pick up my BRP card?

      Keep checking the UniHelp pages for updates.

    • How can I find out information about Library and Student Support Services?
    • I am an international student. How can I connect with other international students?

      International Orientation has taken place on week commencing 8 January. Details of activities available can be found here. International students can also join the SU international student community group. Information on this can be found here.

    • Where can I get Immigration/visa advice/working in the UK?

      The International Immigration and Visa Advice team helps current students deal with any issues related to your immigration status and helps with any difficulties that may arise while studying at Middlesex, related to your Tier 4 student visa. Information on how to contact the team can be found here.

    • I am an exchange student. How can I contact the exchange team?

      Contact the Student Exchange Team on 0208 411 5579

    • I am a PGR student. When is my induction?

      Find our more information here

    • Are there any virtual tours of the University campus?

      You can virtual tours of the campus here

    • How can I connect with people when I am not on campus?

      You will get the opportunity to virtually meet peers on your modules. There will be many social activities on offer which you can attend. There is also opportunities for you to get involved in the community groups established by the SU which include international, mature, commuter, parent & carer, Erasmus Exchange, post grad and healthcare students. More information on this can be found here

  • Welcome week (Contd.)

    • What social events can I attend?

      Our Ready for Anything pre-arrival programme offers a wide range of information for new students including finance and budgeting advice, disability support, digital literacy tools, wellbeing and our Students’ Union. More information about what is available can be found here.

      All social events organised by the SU can be found at www.mdxsu.com/events or within the social events section of the MDXapp Welcome tile.

    • I was unable to get into halls - what do I do now for accommodation

      The Student Accommodation team will be available to deal with student accommodation queries via the chat function on UniHub and by phone on +44 (0)20 8411 6121.

      We also have an accommodation portal (a search engine full of accommodation related advice) for you to access.  This is only available to Middlesex University registered students, applicants, and staff. If you have an active @live.mdx.ac.uk email address it is important that you register using this email address. You may experience a delay if you use a different account.

    • How do I register with a doctor?

      It is best if you register for a doctor straight away rather than wait until you need to see one. You can use the NHS website to search for a GP near to your new address.

      We also have a page on UniHub about registering with a health service near to campus.

    • How do I get around campus?

      We have signs and maps placed around the campus to help with orientation and there are plenty of staff around to ask for directions as well as a few technical ways to navigate around.

      MDXapp has a ‘Maps’ tile which will offer you easy routes to your desired locations and we even have our buildings and rooms on Google Maps which you can also use.

    • Where can I park my car on campus?

      Students are not permitted to park on campus during the hours of 8.00am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday (excluding registered disabled drivers). This is to keep in line with our green transport policy, promoting the use of alternative modes of transport.

      Parking is available in the evenings and weekends from the Greyhound Hill entrance behind the Sheppard Library.

      Find out more about parking

    • I do not have a laptop to study from at home

      Find out more information here for laptop loans offered by the University.

      o Discounts are also available for students if you wish to purchase your own computer from Dell, the Student Store or the Student Superstore

    • How do I register for financial support?

      For financial advice and support please contact the Student Welfare Advice Team. The team can be contacted by:

      o The chat function on UniHub

      o By telephone - 020 8411 3008 (UK) or 0044 208 411 3008 (International)

      You can also look up the Welfare Advice Guides.

    • How do I pay my fees?

      Once you have enrolled, you will be able to view what you owe by logging into MyUniHub and going to the 'My Admin and Finances' section.

      You are able to pay using a debit or credit card:

      o Online using MyUniHub/My Administration and Finances/Fees and finance

      o By telephone- +44 (0)20 8411 6400 - selecting option 1 to make a payment by card. Lines are open 24/7

      o For any other queries, contact the above number but select option 2

      o You can Submit a Query or Chat to UniHelp staff for any finance/fee related query

    • When will I receive my student loan?

      If you who have applied for and been approved for financial support, the SLC requires the University to confirm enrolment. For Confirmation of Attendance to be sent, you must have enrolled and have had an ID check. Subject to this SLC will release their first instalment, usually within the first week of term. Find our more information in Student loans section of Unihub.

    • Where can students go for support accessing their MDX App?

      Find out more about MDXapp here. There are a series of guides to help you log in to myUniHub. If you are still having issues then please contact Unihelp for assistance.

  • Teaching and learning

    • I want to change my course, how do I do this?

      Before 26 January, you can change your programme/course by contacting the admissions team on 020 8411 5555.

      After 26 January, you'll need to complete the request changes to study form.

    • How do we register our modules?

      All core modules are registered automatically and this covers the majority of first year undergraduate programmes. Work Based Learning students will find that their modules are registered on a semester basis.

      If you do have any questions about module selection please contact a Progression and Support Advisor via UniHelp.

      You should always check the amount of credits you are studying in the programme handbook to ensure you have enough registered.

    • How can I contact my lecturer?

      You can find the contact details for your lecturer on myUniHub or in your module handbook.

      Programme handbooks will be on the programme page of my learning and module handbooks on the module pages and both should be available before teaching starts.

    • Where do I go if I have any general enquiries about my programme?

      Contact UniHelp by email, phone or via submitting an online enquiry. If they cannot answer your query themselves, they will refer you to a specialist who will be able to guide you.

      You can also use the chat form on any UniHub page.

    • Who can help me improve my work?

      In addition to your tutors, we have a number of ways you can get help with your work, including library resourcesone-to-one support and workshops. Currently, most of this provision is online.

    • How can I set up my computer and mobile devices to receive e-mails?

      The IT Support team provides a range of IT services and resources to students.

    • How can I access wireless internet on campus?

      You can find information on how to access wireless internet on campus on our IT support pages.

    • Where should students go to access support around e-learning? (logging in and accessing courses

      UniHelp is the first point of call, it’s open 8.30am to 9.30pm Monday to Friday, and 11.00am to 6.00pm Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays (UK time). You can also Submit an online query at any time and or  Chat with us.  Tel: 020 8411 6060 (If calling from outside the UK, Tel: 0044208 411 6060). If you have a specific query you can book an online appointment to speak to one of our advisors.

    • What dates will students be on placement? (For all different departments)

      You will receive a planner that covers all your placement dates for the 3 years at your induction.

    • Can students still go on placement if their Hepatitis B Booster Vaccination appointment is after the placement commencement date?

      You generally need Occupational health clearance but if in doubt about a placement’s safety or appropriateness you can speak to the Practice Based Learning Unit

    • How does the process around DBS work?

      You should already have your guidance and paperwork for this. Follow the instructions and if you have any problems, please let your field leads know.

      Field leads:

      1. Adult year one lead – Carol Graves
      2. Mental Health year one lead – Ruairi Mulhern 
      3. Child year one lead - Mary Clark
    • I have a U grade on a module, do I resubmit at next available opportunity?

      A U grade means a piece of work has been referred to the academic misconduct team and is under investigation. If you have an outstanding U grade on a module for the first sit attempt, but you have not yet received an allegation, you may take the resit at the next available opportunity. Student notes for guidance are issued along with the academic misconduct letter, Appendix 1 of this states 'Extract: If the grade of U has been temporarily given for a first attempt at an assessment, and while the investigation is still taking place, you are entitled to and advised to resit the assessment at the first available opportunity. However, this is your decision.'

  • Student support

    • Where do I go if I need support?

      We pride our self on having high quality support services for our students. You can find information about all these services on UniHub. If you’re not sure about which service is most relevant to your needs please contact UniHelp.

    • How can I access extra support due to a disability or childcare?

      You can find out about all our general support services available, including disability support, childcare, student welfare advice, international student support and others. To make sure that you receive the necessary support in time, please get in touch with the relevant services as soon as possible.

    • How do I pay my fees?

      Once you've enrolled, you'll be able to view what you owe by logging into myUniHub and going to the 'My Admin and Finances' section.

      You can pay using a debit or credit card:

      • online using myUniHub/My Administration and Finances/Fees and finance
      • by telephone +44 (0)20 8411 6400 - selecting option 2 to make a payment by card. Lines are open 24/7

      International students can pay their fees through Bank Transfer Services. For any queries regarding this service or payment contact WU Business Solutions’ dedicated student support helpline on +44 (0) 1733 871871 or email education@westernunion.com

      You can also submit a query or chat to us on UniHub for any finance/fee related query.

    • Where can I live if I don’t want to stay in halls?

      You can obtain the details of private sector accommodation registered with the University and make contact with property owners directly by visiting our accommodation website.

      You can also use our estate/letting agents list to make contact directly with property agents in the local area.

      Please note: The accommodation search and message board facilities on Middlesexstudentpad are password protected. Current and prospective Middlesex students can create an account giving details of your full name, university student number, study campus and contact telephone number. Alternatively you can request a password by telephone on: +44 (0)20 8411 5068, where you will be asked for your name, University student number and campus.

      Students can advertise and search for spare rooms in our Middlesex Housing Hub Facebook group. This group is accessible only to current Middlesex students who are searching for private rented accommodation.

    • I’m expecting a delivery but am unsure who to address it to as my accommodation isn’t sorted yet.

      It is highly recommended that you do not order any deliveries until you have an appropriate address or accommodation confirmed because there is a potential risk of your delivery being lost in transit. Middlesex University will not be accepting any deliveries on behalf of students.

      If you have applied to live in any of the Middlesex halls of residence then you can address it to the Property Manager c/o your name.

      If you are planning to live in private rented accommodation, please consider sending things to your home address or to a trusted friend. Alternatively, for smaller deliveries, you may use Amazon lockers which you can find on campus and at MyCostcutter shop by campus

    • Who can help me find a part time job while studying?

      Our dedicated employability service, MDXworks, can help you plan a route into employment. We also have Unitemps, our part-time jobs agency which all students can register with to receive updates about vacancies on campus and in the local community.

    • What happens if I lose my ID card?

      If you lose your card, you will need to pay £10 to replace it.

      You can do this online or if you can get to campus safely, you can get one from the Security office (located on the right hand side as you enter the College building).

  • Student discounts and benefits

    • Can I get student discounts?

      You can apply directly through the TOTUM website or app for your NUS Extra card. This gives you hundreds of exclusive discounts and offers from numerous brands and retailers. Your student ID card will also grant you access to students discounts in a large number of retail outlets; simply ask in-store or check online.

      You will also be able to take advantage of the student rate of membership for the Fitness Pod on campus.

    • How do I apply for a student oyster card?

      A Student Oyster Card will allow you to use public transport in London at the discounted rate of 30%. You can apply for an Oyster Card online, however you need to ensure that you are a fully enrolled Middlesex Student.

      If you apply before you have fully enrolled, your application may be rejected, and you may lose your application fee. If you are a part-time student, check that you meet the TfL criteria before you apply.

      Check the criteria

      Note that during busy periods, such as enrolment and Welcome Month, it may take up to two weeks for the university to validate your Student Oyster application.

      If you would like to enquire about the status of your student oyster card application, please contact UniHelp. For lost or stolen Oyster Cards, or Oyster Cards that need replacing, please contact TfL.

    • How do I get free eTextbooks?

      Kortext provides 1 free e-textbook per module and these can be accessed by:

      1. Logging into myUniHub
      2. Go to myLearning
      3. Look for the personal e-textbook icon in any module area.

      Get more details

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