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Student opportunities

Become #MadeinMiddlesex

To get the most out of your university journey, grab every opportunity you can. And here at Middlesex, there are plenty of them.

Below is all the information you’ll need to get more involved, make friends who share your passions and stand out to potential employers.

You get out of university what you put into it. This is how you can shape your story and be #MadeInMiddlesex.

Why get involved?

  • Making friends: meet people who share the same interests as you and the likelihood is that you’ll be friends for a lifetime
  • Enhancing your learning: university is all about independent learning, so making the most of your time here will mean you learn as much as possible
  • Standing out: it’s more important than ever to stand out to potential employers in a crowded market.
  • Develop yourself: grow as a leader and develop leadership in others, build teamwork, interpersonal, communication, facilitation and coaching skills which are highly valued by employers

Not sure what opportunity you're most suited to? Take this Buzzfeed quiz to find out

  • Opportunities to make friends

Explore the many options available to do what you love and meet new people

Sports clubs

Not only are there a range of possible sports to play at Middlesex, but there are also a wide range of ability levels, catering for everyone from sports fanatics to the complete beginner.

Find your team


Student societies are a great way of meeting like-minded people, discovering new interests and building a community at Middlesex University.

Our MDXSU Societies cover everything from general interest and hobbies, to course-based societies and religious and cultural groups.

If you've got a great idea for something new, MDXSU will give you all the support and financial help you need to get started.

Explore the societies available

Language and Culture Exchange

The Language and Culture Exchange (LCExchange) is based on the idea of connecting students who speak different languages so that they can learn from one another via informal language classes/meet-ups and face-to-face or online activities and events.

All activities are run by other students. The student facilitators are usually native speakers or highly proficient in the language they try to 'teach'.

Improve your foreign language skills

MDXSU Liberation groups

Liberation Groups are students that come together to network, share experiences and campaign for change. They are MDXSU Women Students, MDXSU Black Students, MDXSU LGBTQ+ Students & MDXSU Disabled Students

These groups focus on students who face oppression and discrimination and are often underrepresented and disadvantaged during their time at University, whether in their education or in wider society.

Join a liberation group

Raise and Give (RAG)

Middlesex RAG (Raise and Give) are a society who raise money for charity by running international and UK based events throughout the year.

This year they are running 3 international challenges: Project Tanzania (Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro), Uganda and Romania.

Get involved in RAG

International Mobility

Make the most of our exchange programme to learn about a new culture and language, travel and make friends.

Study your subject from a different perspective - you'll discover new teaching and study methods, improve research skills and gain a new perspective on your subject area.

Get a competitive advantage in the job market - employers understand that candidates who have completed a study exchange are flexible, show a willingness to learn and have great leadership skills.

Find out more about our exchange programme

MDXSU Ideas for Change

If you have something that you want to change at University, submit an Idea for Change. It’s your way of making your ideas become a reality through MDXSU and getting campaigns kickstarted. Tell us your idea today.

MDX Student Media

MDX Student Media is your platform to entertain, educate and inform thousands of MDX students about the stories that matter. You can publish your original writing in our online and print platforms, record and produce videos and podcasts, or broadcast a radio show live from our state of the art studio.

We are a supportive and friendly team who work together to start interesting and informative conversations about the campus and community issues that MDX students care about. No media experience is needed to get involved! We offer training, workshops and the support you need to create your own engaging content, share your personal stories and amplify the MDX student voice.

Find out more

  • Opportunities to enhance your learning

Want to develop life skills as well as academic? Get involved in one of our extra-curricular schemes and programmes

Student Learning Assistants (SLAs)

Student Learning Assistants are experienced students who are highly motivated and capable learners. They've "been there before" and know the typical academic issues new students face in their studies.

They work in lectures, seminars, workshops and small group sessions to assist students in their learning.

We encourage all students to utilise their SLA in their learning, but it’s also worth thinking about becoming one yourself. The best way to learn is by helping others to learn.

Student Voice Leaders

Becoming a Student Voice Leader is an ideal role for you if you're wanting to represent your course mates and have the power to make changes on your course and at Middlesex University more widely.

Extra projects alongside your programme

There are hundreds of exciting projects being run by your lecturers and academic staff at any one time. Speak to your tutors about what they’re working on and keep an eye out for opportunities to get involved.

Taking part in the Erasmus study and exchange programme or taking a short online course for free are great ways to expand your horizons and build on the learnings within your modules and apply them in practical settings.

  • Opportunities to stand out to employers

Explore your options with MDXworks

Our MDXworks team are here to help get you ready for employment and support you with your job search both during and after your studies.

Boost your employability skills, shape your career, and progress your employment plans with a wide range of events, workshops and sessions.

Keep up to date with planned activities by following MDXworks on social media:

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MDXCrowdfund funds bright ideas, exciting projects and ground-breaking research.

From business ideas, creative projects and events, to community initiatives, clubs and societies, research projects, personal aspirations and much more.

Unitemps – part-time work

Part-time work can be a fantastic way to ’earn while you learn’, helping to support you through your studies.

It also provides invaluable opportunities to learn and develop new skills, enhance your CV and greatly increase your graduate employment prospects in a competitive jobs market.

Placements, internships and work experience

Whether you have a work placement embedded in your degree or you want to gain experience on top of your studies, MDXworks will help you with finding opportunities, building your application, preparing for interviews and more.

Simply complete one the related School forms below and you’ll get support from a dedicated employability adviser.

  • Course related development

    Your course will teach you the hands-on practical aspects and the theory behind your chosen subject, but it can also offer you a whole range of employability skills.

    You can represent and support your classmates as a Student Voice Leader, become a Student Learning Assistant and help new students with typical academic issues all the while deepening your learning, or make the most of our exchange programme and study abroad, learn a new culture, and make friends.

    Want to improve your foreign language skills? Why not join the Language and Culture Exchange (LCExchange)? This scheme is designed to connect two people who speak different languages to learn from one another.

  • MDXSU opportunities

    Our MDXSU work hard to help you get the extra-curricular skills you need to leave ready to take on the world.

    From becoming part of a grassroots campaign community and working on issues such as housing, wellbeing, sexual harassment and hate crime, to joining a Liberation group to network, share experiences and campaign for change.

    There is something for everyone to develop life skills outside the classroom.

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