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Alumni led sessions

The Employability and Development Sessions led by MDX Alumni are back!

Watch the recordings from an exclusive series of sessions led by successful MDX Alumni who shared their tips and lessons on life after uni. The sessions cover various topics such as managing and preventing stress, creating positive habits for your wellbeing, freelancing, and how to look for opportunities!

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Tyler Lowe - Class of 2013, Entrepreneur

About Tyler

After graduating in 2013, Tyler embraced his love for people and culture to travel the world including a year living and working in Australia where he supported players with injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Drawing on the experience he gained through both his degree and experience in these countries, Tyler decided to set up his own company, Loving Life which aims to help individuals, employees, and employers to “Live Life Better’ by using a range of methods to improve their wellbeing.

To find out more about Tyler and his company Loving Life, this page.

Creating Positive Habits for your Wellbeing

| 8 March 2022, 17:00

In this session, Tyler will be discussing the importance of staying well and how that directly supports you achieving highly at work. This includes: coping with stress and pressure, how to improve your wellbeing, methods to increase self-motivation, and creating positive and long-lasting habits for your wellbeing.

Watch the recording

Jason Phillips - Class of 2020, Early Careers Stress Management Coach

About Jason

Jason qualified as a Broadcast Journalist before working in a small, medium, and large agency and in-house environments within the Public Relations and Communications industries. Gravitating towards projects to improve the culture, communication, structure, and ways of working, Jason decided to return to studying, completing two Masters programmes in Psychology (Middlesex University) and Organisational Psychology (City University London).

Jason now runs his own coaching practice specialising in stress management for early career professionals, alongside research and training work at a Leadership Development Consultancy and City University.

To find out more about Jason and his coaching work, please visit his website.

For a free stress profile and 50% off your first coaching session, email Jason  with the subject heading 'MDX22'

Managing and Preventing Stress as an Early Career Professional

| 14 March 2022, 17:00

We may have studied the content of our chosen professions, but who teaches us the psychological skills we need to prepare for the stressors of the working world? Drawing upon evidence-based theories and his work experiences so far, Jason’s interactive talk will investigate the causes of work-related stress and share strategies to support graduates to continuously develop and flourish at work.

Watch the recording

Simona Vrabcova - Class of 2017 & 2018, Entrepreneur and Doctoral Researcher

About Simona

Simona is a creative entrepreneur, freelancer, mentor, visiting lecturer, and currently a doctoral researcher at the University of Warwick. She simultaneously works on several creative and research projects, one of which is an independent theatre company that she co-founded with the aim to help young artists to make theatre productions from the scratch and learn how to run their own artistic projects as she was herself trained as an actress, singer, and dancer.

Simona has previously also worked as a student mentor and helped over 300 students to study in the UK.

To find out more about Simona, visit this link, and to read more about Simona’s latest project, ‘Slovak Theatre in London’, visit: www.slovaktheatreinlondon.com


Freelancing Career and Transferable Skills

| 17 March 2022, 17:00

Are you indecisive about your future? Is your journey taking different directors than you expected or planned? Well, maybe you don’t have to decide, maybe you just need to be a little creative about the approach to your career. What is it like to be self-employed and create opportunities for yourself? And why are transferable skills the key to be never left out of the job market? In this talk, Simona will share with you her journey of combining several incomes and jobs in her professional career.

Recording coming soon...

Anna Leake - Class of 2013, HR Business Partner, Design & Engineering

About Anna

Anna studied International Politics and graduated in 2013. Since then, she spent a year working as a recruitment consultant for a leading agency and later successfully landed a HR position for the Civil Service Fast Stream while completing a Master's Degree in Human Resources Management.

Currently Anna works for the BBC as an HR Business Partner, specialising in providing HR services to the Tech & Digital teams.

To find out more about Anna, visit this link.


Your Professional Development After Graduation

| 28 March 2022, 17:00

In this session, we will discuss the importance of continuous learning and professional development. Focusing on ‘three how’s’: how to look for opportunities, how to implement new habits, and how to avoid 'getting stuck'. We're hoping through this session you’ll learn how important it is to always challenge yourself and never settle for 'that will do'.

Watch the recording

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  • Writing a stand out CV

    ana simion
    With Ana Simion - Class of 2019, Chief Data & Strategy Officer

    In this talk, Anna gave us an insight into writing a stand out CV that will help improve your chances of getting the job you want.

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  • Entrepreneurship and building your business

    danny bluestone
    With Danny Bluestone - Class of 2002, CEO

    In his session, Danny shared the key qualities and processes he followed to build a successful business from a one-man to an award-winning full service digital agency.

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  • Creating and setting goals

    kapish gya
    With Kapish Gya - Class of 2019, People Operations Officer

    In this session, Kapish will take you through how you can achieve clarity during the goal setting process in simple and practical steps.

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  • Perseverance is key to a successful career

    sean gigremosa
    With Sean Gigremosa - Class of 2007, Product Manager

    In this session, Sean shares his story of perseverance, positivity and exploring new avenues in a challenging work environment to help you achieve your ambitions!

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  • Networking and Work Life Balance in a Post-COVID world

    alex graham
    With Alex Graham - Class of 2016, Business Development Manager

    In this session, Alex has covered how to balance our working lives and networking successfully in a post-COVID climate. With many industries moving online, our professional landscapes are changing and so with it, do our personal and professional lives.

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  • Overcoming crossroads

    sagar amlani
    With Sagar Amlani - Class of 2008, CEO

    Sagar has shared snippets from his life of how he overcame crossroads to now lead his own venture whilst achieving his career ambitions.

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  • Decision-making and Learning Mindset Setting

    dr nektarios karanikas
    With Dr Nektarios Karanikas - Class of 2014, Associate Professor

    In this session, Dr Karanikas focused on explaining how you can connect successful decision-making and learning mind-set with life and career expectations.

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  • Working on ambition and self-authenticity to achieve your goals

    krishna suresh
    With Krishna Suresh - Class of 1996, local government cabinet member

    In this session, Krishna explained how to achieve your goals in life through the right mindset. If you think something is unreachable, that will become the reality. So, it’s important have nothing other than confidence in your abilities.

    Watch Recording

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