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Alumni led sessions

Watch our Employability and Development Sessions led by MDX Alumni

Our amazing MDX Alumni have offered some fantastic employability and development led sessions that you can watch on-demand. Simply look through this page and you can watch their recordings whenever it suits you.

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Ana Simion - Class of 2019, Chief Data & Strategy Officer

About Ana

Ana Simion spent over 6 years in Machine Learning research with a focus on Financial Economics, Customer Analytics and Supply Chain optimisation.

She also guest lectures across different universities and businesses, having expert knowledge ranging from Data Driven Businesses to careers advice.

Writing a stand out CV | Recorded

Ana understands how daunting it can be to write a CV, especially as how increasingly competitive finding jobs and standing out is.

She has learnt the best practices and tips that can help you showcase your skills to help improve your chances of getting the job you want.

Watch the recording

Danny Bluestone - Class of 2002, CEO

About Danny

Danny Bluestone is the CEO & Founder of Cyber-Duck, a UK based digital transformation agency fusing user centred design, UX, open source web technology, R&D and lean.

The agency started in 2005 and has grown organically to include Compare the Market, Bank of England, The EU, Mitsubishi Electric, The British Government and Cancer Research as clients.

The team is 75 person strong and 45% of staff are from all corners of the earth; Cyber-Duck is a very diverse agency.

Entrepreneurship and building your business | Recorded

Danny will share his in-depth understanding of how to set up a successful venture that incorporates the many aspects of running a business such as building collaborative teams, salesforce, organising marketing and HR functions and much more. In his talk Danny will explore the key qualities and processes he followed to build a successful business from a one man band to an award-winning full service digital agency.

Watch the recording

Kapish Gya - Class of 2019, People Operations Officer

About Kapish

Kapish Gya’s philosophy is to ‘make the world a better place to work’. This is reflected in his core responsibility of looking after 600+ employees.

He believes all those graduating need to follow the 3 Cs in order to be successful in the working world: ‘Courageous, Committed and Conscientious’.

Creating and setting goals | Recorded

Kapish will take you through how you can achieve clarity during the goal setting process in simple and practical steps.

This reflective workshop will allow you to set clear goals, the energy needed to achieve them and how you can ensure you secure positive outcomes.

Watch the recording

Sean Gigremosa - Class of 2007, Product Manager

About Sean

Sean Gigremosa started his career as a web developer but he soon realised he wanted a career change and so he embarked on a journey that has led him through multiple educational pathways including getting his bachelors in Business Management at MDX.

Sean has used all of his experiences and learnings to land a successful position at Rolls-Royce, creating innovative digital products that adds value to the company and its customers.

Perseverance is key to a successful career | Recorded

In this session, Sean shares his story of perseverance, positivity and exploring new avenues in a challenging work environment to help you achieve your ambitions!

Watch the recording

Alex Graham - Class of 2016, Business Development Manager

About Alex

Alex Graham made the most out of his time at MDX. He won multiple awards such as the ‘Marketing undergraduate prize for best overall performance' and was also chair of the Snowsports team, a member of the hockey team and an SLA.

Since graduating, he has worked for a number of companies, gaining knowledge and experience in digital and affiliate marketing.

Networking and Work Life Balance in a Post-COVID world | Recorded

Alex will cover how to balance our working lives and networking successfully in a post-COVID climate. With many industries moving online, our professional landscapes are changing and so with it, do our personal and professional lives.

In this session, we will explore how a well-balanced work/life balance can create synergy and drive positive results, as well as the importance of networking on your career as you enter the working world.

Watch the recording

Sagar Amlani - Class of 2008, CEO

About Sagar

Sagar Amlani is the CEO of Zapro Consultants, a global speaker, a productivity mind-set explorer, and an author. Despite Sagar’s years of professional experience on the productivity mind-set, what sets him apart is his initial life struggles.

These struggles made him learn the value of time, money, and education early in life. But these were the same challenges that became the foundation of Sagar’s innate personality.

Overcoming crossroads | Recorded

Sagar will share snippets from his life of how he overcame crossroads to now lead his own venture whilst achieving his career ambitions. He will share his experiences so that you can make sure that despite the challenges presented to you, you will be able to come out on top.

Watch the recording

Dr Nektarios Karanikas - Class of 2014, Associate Professor

About Nektarios

Dr Karanikas is Associate Professor in the Health, Safety and Environment discipline of the School of Public Health & Social Work (Faculty of Health) in the Queensland University of Technology (AU).

In addition to his academic qualifications, he holds engineering, project management and safety management professional qualifications and has been a member of various national and international associations. He has published an edited book and has (co)authored various peer-reviewed journal and conference articles.

Decision-making and Learning Mindset Setting | Recorded

Dr Karanikas will focus on the elements of a good decision and describe the decision-making process from its rational and intuitive angles.

In this session, he will explain how you can connect successful decision-making and learning mind-set with life and career expectations.

Watch the recording

Krishna Suresh - Class of 1996, local government cabinet member

About Krishna

Born in Point Petro, Sri Lanka, Krishna came to the UK to study at MDX. In 2010, Krishna was elected as a councilor for ‘Rayners lane ward’ in Harrow and since then has many roles.

Some of Krishna’s accomplishments include becoming the Chair of the ‘Licensing and General Purposes’ Committee from 2016-18, Chair of the Harrow Council and a Mayor of the London Borough of Harrow.

Working on ambition and self-authenticity to achieve your goals | Recorded

When it comes to achieving your goals in life, the right mindset is everything. If you think something is unreachable, that will become the reality. So, it’s important have nothing other than confidence in your abilities. Sometimes, life can throw us challenges we feel like we’re unprepared for. The key to getting through those times, is to expect the unexpected and stay ready.

Watch the recording

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