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I want to develop my mental fitness and mental health

Like your physical health, you can support your mental health by developing self-care habits like eating well, getting enough sleep, moving your body, talking about how you are feeling, keeping in touch with people you care about, asking for help when you need it and doing things that bring you joy. You can read this useful guide from the Charlie Waller foundation on starting university and keeping well.

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We know we need to exercise our bodies for optimal health, fitness and performance, but what about our minds?
When it comes to mental health, prevention is better than cure. Fika teaches mental fitness and can help you to thrive in every area of your life.

Meet Asher and learn about improving your mental fitness

Here are a few ideas:

  • Try getting into a gratitude habit. Did you know that noting down what you are grateful for every day, no matter how small, has a positive effect on wellbeing? Try a free app like Presently to keep you on track and to get ideas for ways to find things to be grateful for
  • Have you tried a mindful breathing exercise before? Why not try this 3 minute one and do it every night before bed, or any other time you need to relax. There are a number of mindfulness exercises available to you via Kanopy
  • Explore these NHS resources on looking after yourself
  • Explore the self-help courses available on TogetherAll
  • Try being more physically active
  • Watch these short podcasts called ‘Man up’ on expectations on men and mental health
  • Perhaps it would be useful for you to visit your GP to talk about your mental health and getting some additional support? If you aren’t sure how to talk to your GP about your mental health, read this short article from the Mental Health Foundation which gives you some tips
  • You can refer yourself for support from the Counselling and Mental Health Team or request a call back to speak to a member of the team within 3 business days.

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