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Hendon campus

Everything in one place

Our single-site campus is in Hendon, north London. It's a green and peaceful part of the city that's well connected to the rest of London, the UK and beyond.

Getting here

A short journey on the underground takes you into central London where you can build experience and connections for your future career and enjoy shopping, culture and nightlife. Whether you're coming by plane, train, bus or car, check our directions to find the best route for you.

Campus opening hours

Opening hours can be viewed at the entrance to all buildings.

These are building opening times and restricted access may apply to certain rooms outside of timetabled events.

The building opening hours at Hendon campus are designed to meet staff and student access requirements while ensuring the most energy efficient use of our estate and security of our buildings and assets.

Please note opening times for the following buildings are subject to separate local arrangements:

  • StoneX Stadium
  • Beaufort Park units -  MoDA and Flood Hazard Research Centre
  • Sheppard Library

Contact details

Got questions about your course, life at Middlesex or being at University? We have people who can help. You can chat directly with other students, email us, live chat or call our Admissions team on +44 (0)20 8411 5555.

For emergencies: Call Security on 0208 411 6200

For non-emergencies: Call Security on 0208 411 4329

Campus map

Access our latest campus map on MDXApp for finding your way round.

Shuttle service schedule

MDX is offering a free shuttle service from StoneX park to the Hendon campus.

It’s worth noting that you should factor in additional time for the shuttle bus to make sure that you get to the Hendon campus on time.

From 8 April, shuttles depart rear entrance to Sheppard Library:

Morning: 8am, 8.20am, 8.40am, 9am , 9.20am, 9.40am, 10.20am, 11am, 11.40am

Afternoon:  12pm, 12.20pm, 12.40pm, 1pm, 1.20pm, 1.40pm, 2pm, 2.40pm, 3.20pm, 4pm, 4.20pm, 4.40pm

Evening:  5pm, 5.20pm, 5.40pm

From 8 April, shuttles depart rear StoneX Park Gate B:

Morning: 8.20am, 8.40am, 9am, 9.20am, 9.40am, 10am, 10.40am, 11.20am

Afternoon: 12pm, 12.20pm, 12.40pm, 1pm, 1.20pm, 1.40pm, 2.20pm, 3pm, 3.40pm, 4pm, 4.20pm, 4.40pm

Evening: 5pm, 5.20pm, 5.40pm, 6pm

Scheduled times may be subject to delays beyond our control. This shuttle service is run in partnership with Southgate & Finchley Coaches, all comments, enquiries and feedback to office@southgate-finchley-coaches.co.uk

MDX Freewheelers cycle loan scheme

Open to all students at Middlesex University - free bicycles available for hire on ½, 1 and 3 day loan periods. Find out more here.

Register here to be a part of the scheme.

Our building and facilities

You belong to one of London's biggest and best university campuses with everything you need in one place. We have a purpose-built centre for art, design, media and performing arts students, as well as dedicated labs and studios for those studying science, technology and health courses.

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