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Systems Status

Middlesex University works hard to ensure that online student services are available 24/7. However, occasionally there may be some disruption as we carry out essential maintenance or introduce improvements.

Unplanned disruption to services may also occur, and we take these issues very seriously. If this happens, we will let you know as soon as possible in the service status pages and through a variety of other communication channels including social media and digital signage. In all cases, we work very hard to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum and normal service is resumed as soon as possible.

  • Important Announcements

myUniHub - Unavailable

Friday 29 September 1pm to 5pm

myUniHub will be unavailable between the above times due to essential maintenance. You will still be able to access some services directly via:

  • Quick Links: To access Library Search, e-resources, emails, Kortext and other links please refer to Quick Links section below.
  • My Learning: via https://mdx.mrooms.net/login/index.php
  • MDXapp – or download MDXapp from the Apple or Play store (Hendon Students)

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • CURRENT ISSUES - Please click for further details:

    • Accessing online forms

      Sometimes you may see a privacy message or blank page when viewing  Middlesex online forms.

      Your browser records what you view and how you access things online. Most of the time this can be helpful as this enables faster searching and delivery the next time you request something you’ve accessed before. However, occasionally it can cause problems and deliver an old version of something you have previously accessed and/or remember previous settings. Clearing your internet cache to remove the history of previous searches can resolve this issue when viewing forms.

      An alternative to clearing the cache is to use incognito mode. Please download the document below for further information about this option.

      Using Incognito mode to access online forms

    • Clearing Browser Caches

      For detailed information on how to clear a browser cache on your personal devices, please view our Clearing Browser Caches User Guide

    • Spam/Phishing emails
      • While a lot of spam emails are blocked from student email accounts, students are still encouraged to be vigilant for possible phishing / scam attempts

        Never provide any of the following information in response to emails you receive:

        • - Your password
        • - Banking details or
        • - Debit/credit card details
        Spam/phishing emails – tips on how to stay safe

        Middlesex University will never ask for usernames or passwords in an email

        • Please change your password if you’re still using your default one or feel your email may have been compromised
        • Don’t respond to emails you’re not expecting
        • Don’t click on links in emails you’re not expecting, even from friends or University staff
        • Never provide personal information such as passwords and banking details
        • If unsure, call the sender of the email to confirm
        If in doubt, delete the email.

        Some emails may appear to come from a known person like a tutor or another staff, please be extra vigilant when responding to emails. While we try to block as much spam as possible, as with any of your inboxes, some still annoyingly slips through.

        1. Hover the cursor over any link embedded in the email to see if the address is valid and do not click unless certain the email is from a trusted source.
        2. If the sender appears to be asking you to click a link you are uncertain about – call or email them to check before you follow the link.
        3. If the email is marked as SPAM, this is because at some point it has come from a non-Middlesex email  address.  Any email marked with a SPAM should be considered as suspicious.
        4. Please be aware, Middlesex University staff will never ask for your account details, if you are ever prompted to  supply these details, please delete the email.

        If you require further assistance, please contact UniHelp

        Please change your default password

        If you’re still using your default password given to you when you enrolled, you must change your password at next logon. This is in order to protect your work and personal data.

        • Please use any of the university computers to change your password
        • If you’re off-campus, please contact UniHelp for further assistance

        We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

    • myUniHub Authentication Error

      When you sign-in to myUniHub from any browser you may get a “Authentication Error” page.

      To resolve this:

      1. Close the Browser session and open a new session.
      2. Go to https://unihub.mdx.ac.uk/
      3. Click on myUniHub from top right navigation bar in UniHub.
      4. This may auto Sign in with your previous attempt.

      or if you see the Middlesex University Sign in page.

      1. Sign in with your Middlesex University Username and password.
      2. Please ensure that you sign out of myUniHub when finished and click on Return to your application to get back to UniHub.

      We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this issue. If you require further assistance, please contact UniHelp


    • myUniHub evening maintenance

      Please note that myUniHub is unavailable each evening from midnight to 1am (UK Time) for necessary backup.
      We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this essential maintenance.

    • Daily Computer Maintenance in Sheppard Library (Hendon)

      As part of University’s IT improvements works and in order to provide you with computers in a good working state, we will carry out daily maintenance on them at the following times.

      • Monday: 1am to 4am
      • Tuesday: 4am to 5am
      • Wednesday: 4am to 5am
      • Thursday: 4am to 5am
      • Friday: 4am to 5am
      • Saturday: 4am to 5am
      • Sunday: 4am to 5am

      You will always be notified of the imminent shutdown, so please ensure your work is saved to your One Drive, personal hard drive or USB.

      Each day after maintenance the computer will be shut down, you will be required to switch the machine back on to use it. We have done this to ensure we use precious resources wisely and efficiently and that we take into consideration environmental, social and economic factors in our decision-making processes.

      Please note: If you don’t save your work, when computers are restarted your work will be lost and will not be recoverable.

    • Monthly systems maintenance

      Each year Middlesex University updates myUniHub, MDXapp and the Student Records System to improve the functionality and performance of the University’s online student services.:

      In order for us to introduce these improvements there will be a quarterly disruption to our existing services. We will work hard to ensure this disruption is kept to a minimum and will keep you updated as this work takes place.

      Disruption to services are detailed on our Monthly systems maintenance page.

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