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    Meet our Senior SLAs

    Senior SLAs are experienced returning SLAs who are there to mentor and support SLAs and students. They assist with the organising of the SLA scheme within their various areas of study and programmes. They attend regular meetings with the PAL Team, other Senior SLAs and academic coordinators to discuss and maintain the SLA Scheme.

    Senior SLAs also manage PAL based projects, assist with observations and probation, assist with publicity and design, organise events, assist with administration, and liaise with different MDX Services to build collaborative working partnerships.

    Ben Laxton-Tilt

    Area of Study: Business Management

    Hello, I’m Ben and I am a third year Business Management student. I began working as an SLA last year and I am very excited to take up the challenge and privilege of working as a Senior this year. I truly believe that the scheme is one of best things about the university. Through their presence in classes, engagement with students and knowledge of the subject, SLAs can help students reach their full potential, address questions or problems and prevent anyone from falling behind. The Student Learning Assistants helped me greatly in the first year of my degree and I have been very grateful to be able to return the favour.

    Christos Evangelou

    Area of Study: Education Studies

    Hi, my name is Christos and I am a 3rd year student studying BA Education Studies. This is my 2nd year as an SLA. I am thankful for the opportunity to support my peers with their role as SLAs at Middlesex University. As an SLA last year, I saw first-hand how the SLA scheme supports students with overcoming their learning barriers. As a Senior SLA this year, I endeavour to support students any way I can. My ambition is to help support and develop the SLA scheme to increase its effectiveness in supporting learning holistically thus enabling students to thrive during their learning journey throughout the year
    Georgia Lampropoulou

    Area of Study: Business Management

    Hello! My name is Georgia and I am a third year Business Management and Finance student. I love facilitating first year students sharing my own experience and knowledge so I can help them adapt to university life. Watching students who you have facilitated over the academic year doing very well with their studies and especially those who were struggling in the beginning the most, is a hugely rewarding experience. Being selected as Senior SLA for this academic year to work on the program development and communication project gives me a sense of great pride. I will do my best for the development of this scheme.

    Jerry Okoye

    Area of Study: Sports & Exercise Rehabilitation

    Hi, my name is Jerry and I am a 3rd year Sports Rehabilitation Student. Being part of people’s success stories have been the key drive and motivation to doing what I love as Student Learning Assistant. This is a journey that began in my 2nd year and I have chosen to carry that work on because I have great passion in helping, assisting, mentoring and guiding students to success. Helping students helps me improve as a person, a student, a mentor and a role model.
    Kristen Rebello

    Area of Study: Creative Technology

    Hydrogen Iodide! (Contrary to that greeting, I'm not a Chemistry student.) My name is Kristen and I am currently a Postgraduate student doing Creative Technology, having graduated recently with a First Class in Computer Science. I have been an SLA for two years now and it has made me progress professionally and personally. This year, I have been chosen to be a Senior SLA, being a mentor not only to the students that I support, but also to the recruited SLAs.

    “Knowledge may be power, but motivation and interest can carry you much further.”

    Terryann Martin

    Area of Study: Accounting and Finance

    My name is Terryann Martin and I am currently a 3rd year student. The reason I have become an SLA is that I wanted to bring my experience and skills I have developed over the years of working in the Finance industry to pass on to the students. My aim is to motivate, encourage each SLA and students to do their best in enabling them to progress in life.
    Zoya Bhatti

    Area of Study: Business Management Finance

    Hiya, my name is Zoya and I’m a 3rd year Business Management Finance Student.  Working as an SLA has not only given me a chance to help others but to also enhance my skills and learn from my experience. I always take my work as an opportunity to learn and discover new things. This journey of being an SLA is another roller coaster ride of experiences. Trust me when I say it, it’s a ride worth taking!”

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