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Meet your Senior SLAs

Senior SLAs are experienced returning SLAs who are there to mentor and support SLAs and students. They assist with the organising of the SLA scheme within their various areas of study and programmes. They attend regular meetings with the PAL Team, other Senior SLAs and academic coordinators to discuss and maintain the SLA Scheme.

Senior SLAs also manage PAL based projects, assist with observations and probation, assist with publicity and design, organise events, assist with administration, and liaise with different MDX Services to build collaborative working partnerships.

Alba Robles Jimeno 

A girl with straight hair

Area of Study: LLB Law

Email: AR1585@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hello everyone! My name is Alba, and I am a third year LLB Law student. I became an SLA last year where I not only supported the first year students on their studies but also facilitated learning in other university departments. This year I am delighted to continue helping the students and SLAs in their learning journey, with the objective of helping them achieve their own personal goals. I hope I will be able to guide students and the SLAs to develop their academic and professional skills, while also enhancing their personal growth. Please if you have any questions drop me an email, I am happy to help! :)

Alex Popovici 

Area of study: BSc Information Technology

Email: AP1790@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hello! My name is Alex and I am a second-year student studying Information Technology. My adventure as an SLA began in my first year, and I'm delighted to be back at Middlesex for the second half of the year as a Senior SLA. The Senior SLA position not only enabled me to advance professionally and academically, but it also brought me great satisfaction as I assisted new SLAs and students in their development. Like my prior SLAs influenced me, I aim to have motivated as many students as possible to accomplish their objectives.

Charlotte Smith 

A person with brown hair

Area of study: LLB Law and Criminology

Email: CS1388@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hello, My name is Charlotte Smith, and I am a 3rd year LLB Law and Criminology student. I became an SLA in my 2-year assisting the first-year students and am very much looking forward to continuing and offering my support, guidance and knowledge to fellow students, both as an SLA and a Senior SLA. I want to create a safe, happy and enjoyable atmosphere and allow students the opportunity to grow not just within themselves but throughout their time as students at the university, and feel comfortable reaching out to me for support throughout their studies.

Christian Cucos 


Area of study: BEng Electronic Engineering with Foundation

Email: CC1770@live.mdx.ac.uk

Greetings all, my name is Cristian and I am a 2nd Year BEng Electronics Engineering. I started with Foundation year and became an SLA in my 1st year assisting the Foundation module SAT300. Now I support 1st year and Foundation year students. With great enthusiasm I have started my Senior SLA role, I have a lot to give and if you have any concerns or would like to chat I am open for discussion.

My goal is not only to improve myself as a person but to also improve ourselves together in a positive way. I have a variety of work experience and bring in a multicultural experience as I have lived in 3 different countries. I will try my best to grow and develop a ‘can do attitude’ and encouragement for students and future SLAs and Senior SLAs.

Diane Parades De Oliveira 


Area of study: BA Dance Practices

Email: DP904@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hello! My name is Diana and I am on my last year of studies, undertaking BA Dance Practices. I am also a Senior SLA now but my first experience as an SLA began last year by supporting year 1 students. I am very excited to be guiding the students to engage with their full potential. I expect to create a safe environment where everyone can reflect on self-practices and have fun at the same time! I hope that my experience can help motivate SLA’s to follow a good and joyful professional journey that will boost their confidence after graduating.

Edgar Kuteesa 

Area of study: Medical Biochemistry

Email: Ek676@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hi all, my name is Edgar and I’m a final year medical Biochemistry student. I’m delighted to introduce myself as a Senior SLA for this year with a main aim to support fellow SLAs and students across Middlesex University. Throughout my university years, I’ve noted the importance of the SLA scheme towards my course success. This motivated me to support students as an SLA in my 2nd year. I look forward to do the same thing this year. I’m also excited to continue to work with the PAL team in order to strive for retention, progression and successful achievements. My challenge this year is to enable SLAs to succeed in their role with the emphasis on the principles of PAL team. I believe the principles build a new character for success as an SLA. The character built can be your golden key to achieving your future goal as an individual. “Your reputation is what others think of you; your character is what you truly are. Reputations can be manipulated; character can only be developed and maintained.” ― Bohdi Sanders, Men of the Code: Living as a Superior Man.
Elena Zoretich 

Area of study: Robotics Engineering

Email: EZ111@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hello! My name is Elena, and I am a third-year Robotics Engineering student. My journey as an SLA started during my second year, and I am very proud to be back as a Senior during my last year at Middlesex. The SSLA role not only helped me improve myself in the professional and academic field, but it also provided me with an enormous sense of joy while guiding students and new SLAs throughout their journey. I hope to have inspired as many students as possible to try their best to achieve their goals, just like my former SLAs inspired me!  
Jake Barnett 

Area of study: Law LLB

Email: JB2018@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hi, I’m Jake, a third year Law LLB student. This is my second year as an SLA and I am grateful to be a senior SLA in my third year. I look forward to not only helping other students on my course but also helping other SLAs.
Jewel John 

A dark skin person with curly hair

Area of study: Music Business and Arts Management student

Email: JJ718@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hi everyone, my name is Jewel John, I am a 3rd year BA Music Business and Arts Management student. In my second year, I made the decision to become a SLA to support the first-year students in their endeavours. This year, I plan to continue assisting new SLAs and students reach their objectives while also striving to advance the SLA programme, since I genuinely appreciated these experiences and opportunities. I'm looking forward to providing students with guidance and encouragement, while they study as well as a secure and enjoyable environment.
Marta Guerra 

Area of study: Dance Practices (Choreography)

Email: m.x.guerradoblas@mdx.ac.uk

Hello everyone! I’m Marta, I am a year 3 student of BA Dance Practices (Choreography) and a Senior SLA. My journey as an SLA started last year and by supporting year 1 students I discovered a passion for higher education and facilitation. I very much look forward to mentoring and supporting students in their learning and to creating a safe and pleasing experience for students. I hope to be able to provide an inclusive and caring space for everyone to approach with the aim of developing who we are as students and human beings.
Nitharshy Sivalingam 

A person with brown hair

Area of study: Biomedical Science

Email: NS1356@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hey! My name is Nitharshy, and I am a 3rd year Biomedical Science Student. I became an SLA in my 2nd year and took up the incredible role of a Senior SLA this year. My journey has been very exciting and so far, has been filled with lots of learning and amazing experiences. I hope to be able to transfer these over to fellow students and SLAs and to assist and guide everyone I connect with. Delving deep into facilitating learning and the enhancement of student’s education has been a key aspect of the role I have not taken lightly and aim to provide all the support I can to my fellow peers and the PAL team at Middlesex.
Sukritha Reddy Pothaganti 

A person leaning on a railing

Area of study: Business Management

Email: sp1850@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hello, everyone! Sukritha here, a third-year student pursuing BA Hons in Business Management   Last year, I joined as an SLA and helped with both the foundation and the first year. In my first year, I was able to rely on the support of the Student Learning Assistant Team, and I intend to do the same this year by helping new SLAs and students achieve and accomplish their goals while also working to develop the SLA programme. I gained real-world experience dealing with students, professors, and staff, which gave me a thorough grasp of our university resources and gave me the opportunity to impart that knowledge to my peers. I am prepared to contribute everything I must do to help the Middlesex University student body.

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