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Meet your Senior SLAs

Senior SLAs are experienced returning SLAs who are there to mentor and support SLAs and students. They assist with the organising of the SLA scheme within their various areas of study and programmes. They attend regular meetings with the PAL Team, other Senior SLAs and academic coordinators to discuss and maintain the SLA Scheme.

Senior SLAs also manage PAL based projects, assist with observations and probation, assist with publicity and design, organise events, assist with administration, and liaise with different MDX Services to build collaborative working partnerships.

Aini Abdulahi

Area of Study: Law
Email: aa4543@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hi! My name is Aini and I'm a 3rd year LLB Law student. I started my SLA journey in my 2nd year of studies and I'm so excited to have the opportunity to be a Senior SLA this year! This scheme has given me the opportunity to grow in several aspects and created a wide range of opportunities for me. I hope I can have a positive impact on the students I will be assisting and I hope I can learn from my peers and the students. I'm excited to embark on this new journey and continue to do my best to in the SLA scheme.

Aleksandra Filipova

Area of Study: Advertising, Public Relations and Branding
Email: af863@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hi! My name is Aleksandra. I am a third-year student studying BA Advertising, Public Relations and Branding. I became an SLA in my second year, and I am excited to continue my journey as a Senior. I truly believe that having the opportunity to mentor someone is a privilege and my goal for the upcoming year is to make at least one SLA’s life a bit easier! Becoming an SLA changed and improved my life in many ways, however, the biggest impact it had was on my confidence. There was always this little voice in my head doubting my skills and knowledge until I got to use them to help others. That’s when my confidence started growing and I learned to trust myself more. As a Senior, I hope to help the SLAs achieve success in their academic life but I also hope to help them conquer their own fears and insecurities.

Aurel Marian

Area of Study: Robotics Engineering
Email: AM3362@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hello, my name is Aurel! I am a final year undergraduate for Robotics Engineering. I came on board of the SLA scheme in my second year and have now become a Senior SLA. This role, a bridge between students and lecturers, allows me to facilitate learning, organise, mentor, engage and help other students and SLAs. It can be challenging, but I prefer to see it as an opportunity to help others become successful and offer them a better experience at the university. This role is a very modern approach at contributing to build talent, and I am grateful to be part of it!

Ciprian Florin Ifrim

Area of Study: Robotics Engineering
Email: CI179@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hello there, my name is Ciprian, and I’m a 3rd year Robotics Engineering student, fascinated by technology and striving to bring into existence marvels that shape the future. After being assisted throughout the 1st year by SLAs, I decided to take a leap into their world, and become the supporter. This is my 2nd year as a member of the SLA scheme, which enabled me to take a peek into the world of professionalism, granting the opportunity to be a Senior, mentoring SLAs in their endeavours, and helping overcome any obstacles along their way for maximum achievements and success. I fondly anticipate aiding everyone's academic career as both an SLA and Senior SLA this year.

Daniela Humajova

Area of Study: Business Management
Email: dh802@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hi there! My name is Daniela, and I am a third year Business Management student passionate about innovation. Last year I have started my journey as an SLA, which has been nothing but an amazing experience for me. The role helped me to discover my potential, develop confidence, and build on my skills. I also got engaged in a lot of interesting projects, that enhanced my skills even more, and enabled me to meet and work with many incredibly talented people. This year, I am proud to continue working with the PAL team as a Senior, and to bring out my passion, and share my know-how and enthusiasm with my fellow SLAs, and to help them to realise their full potential.

Maria Ntyli

Area of Study: Criminology with Psychology
Email: mn830@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hello. My name is Maria and I am a 3rd year Criminology with Psychology student. My SLA journey started in my 1st year as I completed the foundation course as well.  This year will be my 3rd year of supporting students and I am so grateful to move on to Senior SLA on my final year. I cannot wait to offer my support, mentoring and work together with students from my course, new and continues SLAs. I hope to remain approachable, understanding and supportive no matter the nature of the learning environment. As my last year of this role, my biggest success will be for you all to be very supported and successful in your studies.

Paula Simelionyte

Area of Study: Graphic Design
Email: PS1095@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hello. My name is Paula Simelionyte, and I am a third-year Graphic Design student. With SLA's fantastic experience last year, I have been fortunate to grow and become a senior SLA this year.  From the beginning till now, I learned so many important things about being a person that you will be proud of, and the SLA scheme helped me discover how many great things I can do! It taught me to believe in myself more! This year I want to keep sharing and encourage students and SLA's to fight for their dreams and have the best possible university learning experience together!

Tony Pisarski

Area of Study: Music Business and Arts Management
Email: zp092@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hi friends! Name is Tony Pisarski and I’m currently in the final year of the Music Business and Arts Management course. My SLA experience started last year, and it’s been very rewarding. This year I became a Senior SLA which is a great honour. I’m excited to support you all throughout this upcoming academic year – it’ll be an amazing learning experience for us all!

Jonathan Ogilvie

Area of Study: Games Design
Email: jo705@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hey everyone! My name is Jonathan and I am a Senior Student Learning Assistant facilitating and supporting students on the BSc Games Design course, as well as a small cohort of SLAs. I am currently in my third year and I am excited to be studying whilst also supporting students as a Senior SLA. I am also looking forward to supporting the PAL team as well as my lecturers so that students and SLAs gain the most benefit throughout the academic year.

Soumia Benfares

Area of Study: Accounting & Finance
Email: sb2434@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hi! My name is Soumia, I am a third year Accounting & Finance student. I joined the SLA scheme  in 2018 (I have had 2 years of SLA experience) which contributed greatly with improving my own self confidence and communication skills. This year, I have decided to become a Senior SLA to help the students and SLAs, and provide a better learning experience to everyone. To do that, I am glad to be part of a great Team, being professional and having empathy to make a positive impact in students' lives. I will also be using my personal experiences such as what I have learnt during my Finance Placement year and my years as an SLA to contribute to helping students attain their professional and personal goals.

Migle Simaskaite

Area of Study: Marketing
Email: MS2814@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hi everyone! My name is Migle Simaskaite and I am a 3rd year Marketing student. I first became an SLA last year and now I am excited to be a Senior SLA. During my time as an SLA I have developed in so many ways, one being able to help and contribute to making students time during their course as enjoyable as possible. The SLA role had also helped me develop skills in how to work in a team, which has come in handy transitioning into the Senior SLA role. I hope to be approachable and also to inspire, mentor, coach both SLA’s and my fellow Senior SLA’s during this period of blended learning.

Leidy Jaramillo

Area of Study: Psychology
Email: LJ322@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hi! I’m Leidy Jaramillo and I’m currently studying 3rd year of Psychology BSc. I am really excited to say that I was an SLA for two years and I became a Senior SLA this year. Being an SLA helped me to overcome my insecurities and gave me focus. It prepared me to see that I was able to do more than I could have thought. Having confidence in myself contributed to my personal and academic growth in order to become an Senior SLA. My hope is to be able to support as many as I can and approach not only the students but also my colleagues.

Isabel Campos Neves

Area of Study: Film
Email: ic307@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hello Everyone! I’m Isabel and I am a Senior Student Learning Assistant. I support students on the BA Film course, as well as a cohort of SLA’s. I’m in my final year of my degree and I cannot wait to see what this year brings, especially now that I will be helping both students and SLA’s as a Senior SLA. As well as working with the PAL team closely, I will hopefully be bringing new and wonderful projects forward.

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