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    Meet our Senior SLAs

    Senior SLAs are experienced returning SLAs who are there to mentor and support SLAs and students. They assist with the organising of the SLA scheme within their various areas of study and programmes. They attend regular meetings with the PAL Team, other Senior SLAs and academic coordinators to discuss and maintain the SLA Scheme.

    Senior SLAs also manage PAL based projects, assist with observations and probation, assist with publicity and design, organise events, assist with administration, and liaise with different MDX Services to build collaborative working partnerships.

    Andreia Vitoria Vieira Cristovao

    Area of Study: Biomedical Science
    Hi there! My name is Vitoria and I am 2nd Year Biomedical Student.
    I thrive while helping others so being a SLA was a dream come true.
    Every year, the highlights of being part of SLA scheme is seeing students that I have helped progress. It makes me feel extremely proud of what we trying to accomplish here with the SLA Scheme at MDX. As a senior this year, I want to help the scheme to go further and beyond the expectations.
    Anna Jermak

    Area of Study: Law

    Hi! I'm Anna and I study LLB law. I joined Student Learning Assistant team in my 2nd year of studies, when I became Public law SLA. I loved the idea of student to student help and I was really happy to be able to support my younger colleagues who needed it. This year I was honoured to be Senior SLA (as well as EU law SLA). Being even more involved in the development of the SLA scheme and mentoring SLAs gives me satisfaction and makes me proud of being the Middlesex University student. Senior SLA job is definitely one of the best things that happened to me during my studies and I recommend it to any ambitious students who are willing to do more than just studying.
    Cora-Paula Vacaru

    Area of Study: Interpreting and Translation

    I’m Cora and this is my second year acting in SLA capacity for Interpreting and Translation BA. I’m really excited because this year looks like it has lots of goodies in store. I’ve been chosen to join the Senior SLA Team and to manage the Publications Project. The latter will provide me with the chance to develop my video editing skills, learn a little bit more about Digital Marketing which I’m very interested in and put my creative visions to work.

    I’m really grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve been blessed with. Looking forward to working with you all and wish me luck!
    Haaris Mussaid

    Area of Study: Marketing

    Hello there, my name is Haaris and I currently am a third year student in Business Management (supply chain). I became an SLA in my second year of university for a Marketing module. I really appreciate this Scheme as I can see personally the great benefits it provides to the students. In my first year of being an SLA I felt great satisfaction in participating in the development of the students’ academic careers. I feel honoured that I am able to be a Senior SLA and help improve the scheme.
    Mukai Archibald Mhlanga

    Area of Study: Accounting & Finance

    I am a 3rd Year BSc Banking and Finance Student, a strong believer in giving back knowledge is free knowledge is power it is up to us how much we want to take in.   Life is what you make it and if you don’t know where you have come from, you will never know where you are heading to.
    Olga Pascaru

    Area of Study: Business Management

    I am currently studying BA Business Management in my final year at Middlesex University. After a year of experience as a Student Learning Assistant in Application and Research in Management, an active supporter of the StudyHub and being involved in various SLA projects, I am now a Senior SLA. Additionally, I will facilitate students’ learning in Operations Management and Business Environment Analysis. I look forward to mentoring new SLAs and to inspire new students.
    Oliwia Teresa Traczyk

    Area of Study: HR Management

    I am a final year, Human Resource Management student. I began my role as an SLA back in 2016 when I proudly won the PAL Award 2017 for Outstanding Performance in recognition of outstanding academic practice and valuable contribution to students in the Foundation Year! Focusing on Foundation Years has been my main priority ever since but my main speciality consists on academic research, academic writing, referencing and presentations.
    Sonali Nakum

    Senior SLA for Foundation Year
    Area of Study:

    My name is Sonali Nakum and I am a final year student studying BSc Psychology. I am an SLA for the foundation year module SMART. Being an SLA for the past two years, I have experience in supporting students with their academic writing and research. After two years of enjoying the experience of being an SLA, I have now become a Senior SLA. Continuing as a Senior SLA, I hope to help students build a variety of skills and help SLAs enjoy this amazing experience.

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