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Meet our Senior SLAs

Senior SLAs are experienced returning SLAs who are there to mentor and support SLAs and students. They assist with the organising of the SLA scheme within their various areas of study and programmes. They attend regular meetings with the PAL Team, other Senior SLAs and academic coordinators to discuss and maintain the SLA Scheme.

Senior SLAs also manage PAL based projects, assist with observations and probation, assist with publicity and design, organise events, assist with administration, and liaise with different MDX Services to build collaborative working partnerships.

Celia Duncan

Area of Study: Biomedical Engineering
Email: CD837@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hey! My name is Celia and I’m a 3rd year Biomedical Engineering student. I started my SLA journey in my 2nd year and am now grateful to be carrying on into my 3rd year as a Senior SLA. I’m looking forward to not only being able to help, mentor and guide students on my course, but now also being able to do so for my fellow SLAs will be even more rewarding. I hope to stay approachable, understanding and helpful even during the online and blended learning.

Cristiana Lucas Silva

Area of Study: Music Business and Arts Management
Email: CL1147@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hi, I'm Cristiana. I'm a 3rd year Music Business and Arts Management student. This is my 2nd year working as an SLA and I'm very excited to continue working with the PAL and LET teams as well as the faculty of creative industries staff and my fellow SLAs. During my first year as an SLA, I engaged with several university teams where I developed my knowledge and met amazing people.  I obtained practical experience working with students, lecturers, and staff that allowed me a deep understanding of our university resources granting me the chance to share that with my colleagues. During my first year, I could always count on the support of the Student Learning Assistant Team, and I hope to do the same this year, helping new SLAs and students to thrive and achieve their goals, contributing to the development of the SLA scheme.

Gabriel Berwanger

Area of Study: Business Management and Marketing
Email: GD405@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hello, my name is Gabriel and I am a first class honours Business Management and Marketing graduate. I am also a MSc Digital Marketing student, and this is my third year in the SLA scheme. To me, having the opportunity to work now as Senior SLA and mentoring other SLAs really is a privilege. Facilitating learning plays a role in helping students achieve their goals in the academic year and has helped me in my personal and professional development. This year we have the challenge of adapting to the circumstances by delivering peer support through online platforms, and I am ready to give my best to support the student community at Middlesex.”

Jamie Brown

Area of Study: Psychology
Email: JO436@live.mdx.ac.uk

My name is Jamie Brown and I am a Senior SLA currently in the 2nd year of my Psychology degree at Middlesex University. I began University at 28 years young and was very apprehensive about my abilities as a learner given a rocky history with education and a diagnosis of ADHD. With no formal qualifications I undertook a foundation year in psychology where I was first exposed to the importance and value of the SLA scheme. The SLA’s supporting learning helped and inspired me greatly not only in understanding the work but most importantly believing in myself and my capabilities. Not only am I extremely proud to have had the opportunity to provide that same assistance to students when I subsequently became an SLA myself but now I have the opportunity to help foster that passion and essence in our new wave of SLAs. I feel very passionate about education and empowering a growth mind-set in learners as this has been the catalyst which has evolved me from someone who was kicked out of education, failing his GCSE’s and believed because he had ADHD he could not do anything academic; turning me into the learner I am today. Top of the class bay-bay.


Jessica Hall

Area of Study: LLB Law with Human Rights
Email: JH1523@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hi! I’m Jess — I use the pronouns she/her/hers — and I am a third-year LLB Law with Human Rights student. This will be my second year working as an SLA, and I am excited to contribute to this further by being a Senior. I believe this scheme is vital to the running of the University, especially considering the move to online learning, so we as a community can encourage students to reach their full potential.  I love being able to offer the experience and knowledge I have to facilitate their learning which is particularly important given that my subject is one that is rapidly changing. This journey I have embarked on is one I am very grateful for, and I will do my best to contribute to the constant development of this scheme.

Kenny Chiang Feng

Area of Study: Biomedical Engineering
Email: SC2135@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hi, I’m Kenny and I’m a 3rd year Biomedical Engineering student. Initially as a student, and then as an SLA I was able to witness first-hand the positive impact that the SLA scheme has on the student experience at Middlesex University. The SLA scheme has enabled me to grow as a person and as a professional, opening doors and creating opportunities that I didn’t know existed. As such, I aim to create a positive impact on others through my hard work and professionalism, because I truly believe that by helping others achieve their full potential I can achieve mine.

Naveed Hazarbuz

Area of Study: Business Management and Marketing
Email: NH679@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hi, my name is Naveed and I am one of the Senior SLA and a 3rd Business Management and Marketing student at Middlesex university. I started as a Junior SLA last year and I have witnessed the importance of the SLA scheme in facilitation of student learning by creating an effective and cooperative learning environment. I have a passion for interacting with other students from various backgrounds, sharing my experience with them and learning from their discussions. The SLA scheme has not only allowed me to pursue that passion, but it has also helped me immensely in the development of my own skills.  I am truly honoured to be selected as Senior SLA and I am looking forward to fulfilling my role and meeting more exciting students and SLAs.

Rudy Emonvuon

Area of Study: Computer Systems Engineering
Email: OE174@live.mdx.ac.uk

Ciao! My name is Rudy, and I am currently a 3rd year Computer Systems Engineering student. This year I took up a challenge to impact my peers' experience at university by leaving a trace of my knowledge while working as a Senior SLA. I believe that the SLA scheme has brought a change in every student life, it’s the foundation of successful, academic, university experience. I am glad that I picked up this challenge and I will be working with the scheme to explore and deliver a modern approach to teaching and learning this year.

Sharon Nakiyimba

Area of Study: Education Studies
Email: SN1010@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hello, I am Sharon, a 3rd-year student in the Education Studies programme. In my 1st year, I benefited from the SLA scheme as a student and was able to get constructive feedback for my work assignments. In year 2, I was nominated to become an SLA by one of my tutors. As an SLA, I was able to share my own experiences as well as help facilitate learning for the 1st year students. This year I am honoured to be part of the Senior SLA scheme. I aim to facilitate learning through mentoring and coaching, while developing own-self and others in all ways possible, especially during these uncertain times of COVID-19, that have proved that “Change is a Fact of Life” that we all have to embrace.

Sofie Lubberding

Area of Study: LLB Law
Email: AL1038@live.mdx.ac.uk

Hello, I am Sofie and I am a third year LLB Law student. I began working as an SLA last year. I am looking forward to taking up the challenge and privilege of working as a Senior SLA this year. I believe that the scheme is an important part of university and the students learning experience. Through the presence in classes and in engaging with the students, the SLAs can support students to reach their full potential. The SLAs helped me a lot in the first year and I have been very grateful to be able to give back last year and am able to continue doing so this year. I love seeing my fellow students succeed in their studies and seeing that they are profiting from the SLA scheme. This coming year might bring a lot of new challenges, but I am sure we as a community at Middlesex will be able to provide a great learning environment. We will work hard to create new opportunities in these times. Despite these times, I am surly looking forward to the upcoming year.

Ask an SLA - email your questions to: ask-an-sla@mdx.ac.uk

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