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International Orientation

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International orientation will support you from the moment you arrive and ensure you have a great start to your life as a student. It's free for all international and UK students, all you need to do is register for the activities.

They'll guide you through the important information you need to get going, including finding out about the different support services available to you, getting you familiar with the University, and helping you make friends!

International societies and clubs

Our students have created a wide number of societies, clubs and liberation groups ranging from cultural to religious, recreational to academic. Search for one, make friends and start to feel at home at Middlesex.

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  • Your visa

Before you come to the UK, you need to ensure that you have the correct visa for studying. Many of our international students need a visa to study in the UK. You start your visa application when you have received an offer from us.

Remember that we have a team of advisors on hand to deal with any of your questions.

Student Route visa

This visa allows you to study on a course that is longer than six months. Most international students need this visa to study in the UK.

Get visa support and advice

  • Entering the UK: eGates

Nationals from EU/EEA or Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and the United States of America will be able to use the eGates for fast automated arrival at 16 UK airports and Eurostar rail terminals.

  • International students with Student Route visa

You will be able to use eGates if you are an international student from EU/EEA or Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and the United States of America and are studying for longer than six months and have a Student Route visa (vignette) in your passport or student route biometric residence permit.

However you must prove that you entered the UK within the validity of your visa (vignette).

Here is an example of a vignette you will receive following a successful Student Route visa application. You will find the issue and expiry date of the vignette in the top right corner as shown in the example below:

Important to note

You must ensure that you travel to the UK within the validity of Student Route vignette. If you enter the UK through eGates before the start date the Student Route visa (vignette), you will have a visitor leave and not Student Route visa.

In accordance with the Home Office regulations, you will have to leave the UK and re-enter on or after the start date of your Student Route visa (vignette) in order to continue your studies.

As part of your induction activities at Middlesex you will be required to go through an ID check process which is an important part of the process to get your student ID card. You will be asked to provide your passport, Student Route visa (vignette) and evidence of when you entered the UK.

You will also need to retain evidence that you travelled to or entered the UK within the last six months if you intend to rent an entire property from a letting agent or private landlord or intend to rent a room (as a lodger) from a private landlord or a host family for more than three months.

Acceptable evidence of entry to the UK may include a boarding card, ticket or booking confirmation for travel to the UK.

Share codes for EU Students not holding physical visa documents

EU nationals who apply for visas using the 'EU Exit: ID Document Check'  app or 'UK Immigration: ID Check' app will not receive a visa in their passport or a BRP card but will instead be granted a digital status which can be evidenced by obtaining a Share code.

Getting set up in the UK

If you are arriving internationally, we strongly advise you to carefully check the latest travel advice. If you are not permitted to travel or do not have the correct arrangements in place, you may be denied entry into the UK. Read through the guidance on getting from your arrival destination to your accommodation before you travel to the UK

Travel arrangements

Should you wish to take a taxi to your destination then you can book one online – giving your flight details so that the taxi company can monitor your flight for any delays or changes and meet you accordingly.

  • Getting set up in the UK

International Student Advice Team

The International Student Advice Team are here to help you with any issues related to your immigration status during your time at Middlesex University.

Coming to the UK to study is an exciting time but can also feel overwhelming.

To help you settle in and ensure you have everything you need, we’ve developed a detailed checklist for you to ensure your arrival and first days and weeks with MDX are as great as they can be.

We encourage you to both check the latest travel advice and read through the advice on getting from your arrival destination to your accommodation before you travel to the UK.

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