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    Software available on Student loan laptops and University Computers

    Windows Software

    A  wide range of software is available on student loan laptops and University computers. You can find a complete A-Z list of installed Windows software across campus, loan laptops, specialist labs and whether a title is available for your personal device.

    When you’re using a University Windows loan laptop or desktop computer, applications are accessible via AppsAnywhere.


    Middlesex University is excited to introduce AppsAnywhere. We’ve changed the way you access University software in teaching classrooms and learning spaces.

    This innovation brings greater flexibility whilst studying and is also available to download onto your own device which means you can access University software anytime, anywhere.  More information along with an instruction guide is available on the AppsAnywhere page.

    Personal devices - Software available for free download

    The following software can be installed onto your own devices from the University’s self-service download area

    Amos25 – Windows Nvivo – Windows and Mac
    Kortext – Windows and Mac SPSS – Windows 32 and 64 bit
    Microsoft Visual code – Windows SPSS - Mac
    Minitab 18 – Window SPSS26 – Mac Catalina only
    Minitab Express – MacKortext - Windows 32 and 64 bit

    Linkedin Learning - Software video tutorials

    If  you need help using software applications, video tutorials are available via our LinkedIn Learning Libguide.
    A wide range of tutorials for many software applications is available

    For speed, we’ve featured direct links through to two of the popular titles available for free

    SPSS Statistics Essential Training tutorial
    Nvivo Essential Training

    You  can also find a selection of other useful guide information on our ‘How to’ guides page.

    Software and applications for your study

    Microsoft 365

    Microsoft 365 Office suite is available to install on up to 5 personal devices.  Please read our Microsoft 365 webpage for further information.

    Mac Software

    Adobe Creative Cloud, Vectorworks, SketchUp and Microsoft titles are available on the University desktop Macs. If you require other software, please check the applications folder for availability. Mac is not yet supported by AppsAnywhere.

    Adobe Creative Cloud

    More detailed information regarding Adobe titles and how to access this software on your own devices is available on our Adobe Creative Cloud page.

    Anti-virus software

    Students are advised, for home computers, to install an anti-virus software. The Sophos anti-virus product is available for free.  Our Sophus antivirus for home use guide is a step-by-step guide outlining how to install this software on your own computer.


    Qualtrics is an online based survey tool designed to allow flexibility in the way surveys are created and help students with their academic research.

    Benefits of using Qualtrics:

    • Create a survey using customisable templates
    • Gather, analyse and store data in one online location
    • Write your own questions or choose from the large library of pre-written questions
    • Easily produce great looking visual reports
    • Export to Excel or IBM SPSS

    More information on Qualtrics.

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