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Late this summer, there are going to be changes taking place to your digital platforms, UniHub, myUniHub and MDXapp. These changes are designed to create a better digital experience for you as a student.

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Middlesex on the move

Stay connected with our free Middlesex mobile apps. Locate buildings and services on campus, check opening times, stay up-to-date with the latest campus news and more.


Download MDXapp today on Android, iOS or as a Web App.

N.B - When logging in, your user name is your student email address (AB123@live.mdx.ac.uk) and password is university password.

  • Your student timetable – find out when your next lecture, seminar or practical session is in an instant
  • MyLearning – access your personal learning portal with information about your course, modules and upcoming assignments
  • Library account – Use Library Search to find and access quality academic resources and check up on your loans, renewals and reservations
  • Your email – your University e-mail inbox in one centralised and convenient place
  • Transport - live updates from TFL on local travel routes from campus
  • Campus map - never get lost on campus again with this detailed, room-level campus map
  • News and events – get the whole university experience with the latest updates and news from across campus.
  • Support service information - all the contact information you'll need to get the support you require as quickly as possible

Please note: At the moment, MDXapp is primarily designed for current students studying on our UK campus. However, in time we hope to develop the app so that it is useful to all our students, including those studying on our international campuses.

MDXapp Privacy Policy

  • FAQs

    • Why can’t I find MDXapp in the app store?



      MDXapp is only available for download for Apple IOS and Android devices. If you have a different device or you don’t have a mobile to hand, you can access MDXapp via a web browser:  https://app.mdx.ac.uk

      If you have an Apple IOS or Android device and are still having trouble locating MDXapp, try searching for ‘Middlesex University’ in your app store.

    • Why can’t I see my timetable?
      • If you are a new student, you must enrol using myUniHub to be able to view your timetable
      • Returning students who have a Grade or Registration Hold on their account will not be able to see their timetable – if you think that this may apply to you, please contact UniHelp
      • If your programme uses a specialist teaching space, the full timetable may not be available e.g. Some Art & Design, Education, Nursing, Music, Theatre Arts & Dance students may have additional sessions allocated and will receive full information from module leaders.
      • Some timetable sessions may not have been finalised so they will not show within myUniHub or on MDXapp. Whilst every effort has been made to produce a timetable that will not change, there may be occasions when it is unavoidable and students must therefore check their teaching timetable regularly.
      • For research degree students no timetable appears within myUniHub or on MDXapp.


    • Why can’t I see my grades and progress?


      Students who have a Grade Hold on their account will not be able to see their grades within myUniHub or see the tile within MDXapp. If you think this applies to you, please contact UniHelp.

    • Why can’t I see my email?


      New students must enrol to be able to access their email tile.

    • Why is the information I am seeing in myUniHub different to what I see in MDXapp?


      Information being displayed in the timetable and key contacts tiles is updated on a 15 minute basis during which time you may see a disparity between what is displaying in MDXapp and myUniHub.

    • How much space will the app take up on my phone?


      On initial download, it will be roughly 30MB. This may grow over time as you use different sections within the app.

    • Why isn’t the app working on my android or apple phone?


      This might be because you don’t have the latest operating system on your phone. MDXapp is supported on versions Android 4.1+ and iOS 8.0+

    • How do I logout?


      Go to Settings and click on the key icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

    • I am having problems with logging into/ enrolling via myUnihub


      There are a series of guides to help you log in to myUniHub. If you are still having issues then please contact Unihelp for assistance.

    • Why have I been asked to login again?


      A change in your student data will require a re-sync with MDXapp, which will require you to login again.

    • How do I provide feedback?


      Go to settings, select feedback and choose whether you want to send feedback, report a problem or give us a new idea.

    • How do I provide a new idea for improving the app?


      MDXapp is a new idea to create the best campus experience for you. We are updating the app regularly to improve your experience. If you have new ideas for MDXapp, you can provide these by going into settings and choosing the relevant option.

    • Why is MDXapp not working?


      Any issues and downtime for MDXapp is displayed on UniHub within the system status page so please check this page for updates.

    • Why do I see 'Can't Launch My Learning' when I click on the My Learning tile?


      You will see the message pop up if you haven’t downloaded the My Learning app. You will need to select Yes to the question: Do you want to download from the app store? The install then MDX My Learning app.

    • Where can I get help with the app?

      If you have a problem with the app, please contact UniHelp.

    • Why do I see a blank screen when I first open MDXapp on my iOS device?

      There is currently a known 'blank screen' issue that is affecting iOS 10.3.3 and 11 devices. This normally happens when users first download the app from the store and open it for the first time. This issue is being worked on at the moment but in the meantime, closing and reopening the app should resolve the problem.

    • Why do I see 'You need to login to the site in a browser window' when trying to launch My Learning?

      You will see this message when you access MDX My Learning app for the first time as you'll need to login to My Learning. Select OK when you see this message and then click on 'myUniHub users' and enter your IT user ID and password to login. You will only need to do this on the first time you use the app.

    • I have a question about My Attendance - where do I go?

      A full list of FAQs and contact details can be found here

Middlesex Sport app

Available for: iPhone and iPad software

  • Book your classes on the move
  • Get the latest news and information sports and recreation activities at the University
  • Join Sport Facebook and Twitter feeds
  • Buy Middlesex sports merchandise online
  • Register for sports events, sports coaching, volunteering and much more

Download the app today from iTunes or Googleplay

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